10-year-old Xiao Qixi won the silver medal in judo, “daughter slave” Beckham hopes she will not grow up_Harper_Dad_Victoria

Original title: 10-year-old Xiao Qixi won the silver medal in judo “Daughter Slave” Beckham hopes she will not grow up

Recently, Beckham shared a beautiful photo of his daughter Xiaoqi on the social platform with the text, “Silver medal, Sunday, my little judo star”.

Beckham’s 10-year-old daughter Xiao Qi won a silver medal in judo. To this end, Beckham is very happy, and the words are full of love and pride for his daughter.

Xiao Qi, who just turned 10 this year, has not lost her baby fat. In her father’s camera, she was wearing a white judo uniform, her hair was tied into two braids, and the silver medal she won in the competition was hanging in front of her figure.

Mom Victoria also shared her joy in the comment area, “Harper, you are a legend, we are proud of you.” Maybe Xiao Qi’s judo gold medal was not won in an official competition, but it was won in England football legend Beckham’s In the eyes, the weight of this medal is very heavy.

Beckham and his children

Although Xiao Qi is only 10 years old, he is already versatile and “both civil and military”. Beckham pays special attention to the cultivation of his daughter, and Xiaoqi has many interests, including judo, Chinese, flower arranging, baking, etc. Before, Beckham also posted a video of his daughter writing calligraphy. It is said that Xiaoqi can speak A few words of Mandarin. In addition, Xiao Qi also inherited his father’s athletic talent, and is very proficient in football, skating, horse racing, judo and other sports.

Beckham’s doting on Xiaoqi far exceeds that of his brothers

Xiaoqi is a little star who grew up on the screen of everyone’s mobile phones. The cute photos of her sticking out her tongue since she was a child have satisfied all men’s imaginations about giving birth to a daughter. Xiaoqi’s original name is Harper Seven (seven) Beckham, the fourth child of Beckham and Victoria. They have given birth to three children before, and they dote on this “late” daughter , The birth of Xiaoqi also fulfilled the wish of Xiaobei and his wife to have both children.

Xiaoqi has been favored by Beckham since he was a child. According to IC photo

The Beckham couple’s deep love and expectations for their daughter are fully reflected in the name Harper and the nickname “Little Seven”. Victoria is very fond of the time-honored name “Harper” and is the name of the author of her favourite novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Xiaoqi has been a group favorite since she was born. Not only in Beckham’s house, but even in the hearts of many netizens, Xiaoqi is the “girl who saved the galaxy in her previous life”, and she doesn’t need to “bring her legs” when she goes out, because There is always a father or brother holding it. Some netizens said that Xiaoqi is Beckham’s forever little princess, and her father’s doting on her completely turned her brothers into children of other people.

On May 10 this year, when Xiao Qi celebrated her 10th birthday, Beckham specially wrote, “I wish my beauty a happy 10th birthday, I hope she won’t grow up again!” This is probably the common wish of the world’s “daughter slaves” Bar.

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