Women’s French Cup: without mercy, the Parisians crush Yzeure 8-0

This finale was unbalanced on paper. It turned into a real nightmare for the amateurs of Yzeure, residents of the second division, facing Parisiennes without an ounce of pity. Faster, more powerful, more skilful, more technical… The reigning French champions led 5-0 after less than fifteen minutes of play. We knew that the end of the afternoon would be very long for Yzeure under the Dijon sun. .

“We could have scored from the first second. It was the message we wanted to send to Yzeure but we had to put rhythm and truth, ”analyzes coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle. Football can hold surprises, it’s true. But to see Yzeure and his budget equivalent to six months’ salary of the only Kadidiatou Diani defeating PSG would have been an earthquake. The Gaston-Gérard stadium, filled with around 7,000 people, has not moved an inch. Paris knew that it would win its third Coupe de France there after 2010 and 2018. It remained to be determined how.

Authors of a brilliant course so far (Lyon in the 8th, Montpellier in the quarters, Fleury in the half), PSG played the Coupe de France upside down with this poster against amateurs in the final. But its success is well deserved. “We started with the big ones and ended up with the small ones, smiles Ollé-Nicolle. But nothing should be overdone. Putting a cup on the PSG list is a source of pride. Under the eyes of sporting director Leonardo and manager of the women’s section Ulrich Ramé, the Parisians “respected” their opponents, not underestimating them.

Limited by the number (a coach as playful, four substitutes only) and too shy, the Yzeuriennes suffered the lightning of entry. Star Marie-Antoinette Katoto scored a hat-trick within half an hour of a header, taking her tally to 32 in 32 games in all competitions. Paulina Dudek, Sara Däbritz and Ashley Lawrence also martyred the poor Canadian goalkeeper Taylor Beitz in the first period.

The approximately 1,500 enthusiastic fans of Yzeure did not sulk and their drums opposed the songs of the 300 ultras of the PSG, always faithful. But the nightmare continued after the break. New goals from Ashley Lawrence and Sara Däbritz definitively offered Paris the title and the biggest victory in history in the Coupe de France final.

For the second year in a row, Paris fills its trophy cabinet. More than a symbol as the shelves are still far from being as full as those of OL. This Cup also brings a smile to a whole workforce and staff shaken since last November by the Hamraoui affair and its consequences. “Having done this course despite the events, that means something,” concludes Ollé-Nicolle. It cannot be repeated. We realize that the mentality of the players, that they get along well, is essential. The opponent must not be inside the team”. See you in the coming weeks for the big maneuvers.


Half time: 0-6.

Spectators: 7,000. Referee: Mrs. Elbour.

Boots. PSG: Katoto (3rd, 7th, 31st), Dudek (8th), Lawrence (12th, 59th), Däbritz (14th, 73rd).

Yzeure : Beitz – Surprised, Moreira, Manie (cap.), De Sousa (Barka, 81st) – Woedikou, Seddaoui, Tsadija (Rousset, 89th), Ou Mahi, Goumeziane – Mbengue. Entr. : Meilleroux.

PSG : Voll – Lawrence, De Almeida, Dudek, Karchaoui – Fazer, Geyoro (ch.), Däbritz – Diani (Baltimore, 63e), Katoto (Huitema, 63e), Bachmann (Cascarino, 63e). in : Ollé-Nicolle.



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