Welcome to Recreativo IES La Orden de badminton after achieving its new league – Diario de Huelva

The Huelva Provincial Council hosted the official reception this afternoon Recreational IES La Ordenteam from Huelva that has been proclaimed winner of the National League of Badminton Clubsthe ‘Top10 Division of Honor’ and the seventh league title in its history.

M.a Eugenia Limón has highlighted this new feat of the onubense team, which has led to Huelva once again to the gold category of this sport, making the legend of this team in national badminton bigger. “You are an inspiration and proof that the effort and determination of a team can achieve great goals”, she highlighted during the reception.

The president of the Club, María Eugenia Lorenzo, and the sports director, Francisco Ojeda, thanked Limón for his words and the hospitality of the entire team by the provincial institution.

The president of the Diputación also wanted to convey congratulations to the club for the medals obtained in the Spanish championship last weekend, with the gold for Pablo Abián and the silver for Laura Santos.

Limón wanted them to continue to be successful in upcoming competitions, such as the international club championship, which will be held on June 28 in Poland, the next sporting challenge ahead of the club from Huelva.



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