Virtus flies to the final, a fantastic season ends for Tortona, the report cards

Virtus Bologna is the first finalist of the season, with a 3-0 that leaves no doubt about the favorite team for the Scudetto. A great season for Tortona who thus lays the foundations and perhaps something more, to become a permanent presence in the Italian basketball elite. After having suffered a start from 11 to 0 and a subsequent partial of 18 to 3, Tortona chases with difficulty, manages to get close to Virtus a few minutes from the siren but Bologna has no mercy and extinguishes any hope for Ramondino’s men. Ends 69-77

Bertram Yachts Tortona

Wright 6 : 10 points for him tonight, some shooting errors and a few too many turnovers.

Cannon 6: elbowing in defense and taking his rebounds certainly a lot of effort and but against the reigning champions too much difference tonight.

Filloy 5: perhaps in these situations he should give something more with his experience but tonight we see little.

Mascolo 6: his performance tonight is good for the commitment he always puts on all the balls.

Severini 6: brings his contribution with 8 points, one of the last to give up.

Sanders 7 : the best of his both tonight and in the playoffs in general, closes with 13 points.

Daum 6: he tries to resist and to shake his teammates one of the last to surrender, both in attack and in defense always attentive.

Cain 5 : usually a certainty in the regular season for Tortona but tonight he too struggles against a Virtus who knows no obstacles.

Macura 6: ends an extraordinary season for him and his team with 11 points.

Virtus Segafredo Bologna

Weavers ng.

Mannion of.

Belinelli 7: always present and ready, tonight he is not among the best but his personality is always an important factor in the heads of the opponents.

Pajola ng.

Alibegovic 6: provides its contribution without particularly shining.

Jaiteh 8: 9 rebounds and 17 points, one of the best in the field, a certainty for coach Scariolo.

Shengelia 9: the best in the field, a feast for the eyes. His basketball is simple and effective.

Hackett 7: he struggles a bit tonight but sorts 4 assists and always manages to be in the right place when needed.

Sampson 6: he takes home 5 rebounds, maybe a little bit looking at his game and his skills as a whole.

Weems 6: carries out his task without particular flashes, even for him 5 rebounds but a few too many turnovers.

Teodosic 8: what else to say about this phenomenon, if not to highlight how he manages to make any play simple and above all how his basketball intelligence emerges in an absolutely incredible way in every game.

Cordinier 6: he also carries out his task without putting too much determination and without being seen too much.



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