the plan to capture the best basketball league in its global expansion

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The NBA is launching a really ambitious plan in recent years to expand throughout the planet. Some time ago, the best basketball league in the world considered leaving its borders and taking games to other countries in order to bring its competition closer to all corners of the planet. An infallible method of selling your product and getting big stars to fans who can only see them regularly on television. Or even hooking the few people left in the world who still don’t know what it is to basketball and this competition.

Within this expansion program a new aspect has now been discovered and it is that of the Arab world. After having arrived in other countries of America, Europa o Asianow the NBA wants to focus on a somewhat particular region in the world and that has been betting heavily in recent years to promote the capture of major competitions.

The chosen country has been United Arab Emirates and it is that the state has signed an important agreement with the NBA to play some games there in the future and carry out some more acts to promote basketball in a country in which it is neither the most followed nor the most practiced sport. One more step in the territorial and mercantile expansion that the best basketball league in the world has been carrying out in recent years. However, few places have been as particular as the United Arab Emirates.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, in a photomontage

Emirates conquers the NBA

The United Arab Emirates has set out to conquer one of the most important markets in world sport. The NBA has closed talks with the country to take two preseason games there for the time being. However, the idea is that many more and even an official regular season event can be held in that area. But for now, little by little.

The city chosen for the dispute of both parties has been Abu Dhabi and will take place in a few months, in October. On day 6 and day 8 in a double confrontation between one of the most important teams in the competition, the Milwaukee Bucksand the Atlanta Hawks. A mini tour of these two teams with two opportunities for fans to get up close to this new world and for players, team members and league members to experience reaching a whole new territory.

The agreement signed between the NBA and the United Arab Emirates has been signed on a multi-year basis and will be able to take stars of the stature of Giannis Antetokounmpo o Trae Young. The agreement has been signed between the NBA commissioner and the country’s government and has been framed within the NBA Abu Dhabi Games.

This new project will not only have those two big games, which will be the main dishes on the menu, but there will also be other events and events to continue promoting the importance of basketball as a sport. For this reason, youth basketball development programs and events with former players of the North American league will be created. The pact between the NBA and the country also includes a mission to promote tourism in the Arab state.

“Bringing the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks to Abu Dhabi is a significant milestone in the global growth of the NBA and basketball. In addition to the games, we look forward to engaging fans through a variety of interactive events.” This affirmed Ralph Riverageneral manager of NBA Europe and the Middle East.

Trae Young, against the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA playoffs

Trae Young, against the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA playoffs


The expansion of the NBA

The best basketball league in the world is a competition that has always been characterized by being a pioneer in that intention of global expansion. For this reason, in recent years the arrival of different parties has been repeated in many countries of the world, mainly in Europe. Most of them on preseason tours between teams from the American league itself, but also playing against teams from the area they visit.

However, with the passage of time, progress has been made on this idea and they have also been disputed outside the USA y Canada official competition matches. These first plans to export games with the NBA brand to other foreign countries started at the beginning of the previous decade. This process has been especially enhanced from 2011 to now.

So countries like Mexico or the United Kingdom they have already had their own NBA games and in 2020 it premiered Francespecifically in the city Paris. Cities like Madrid o Barcelona what they have already had are the visits of some NBA teams to play matches against local teams like the Real Madrid or the Barça.

The NBA hopes that with the end of the pandemic these projects can be resumed at full capacity and that the departure of games far from the American borders can be revitalized. A few weeks ago the arrival of a party had already been announced until Japan and that it would be disputed by the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards. This operation was managed directly by the company Rakutensponsor of the team they lead Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson y Draymond Green.

Now, the best basketball league in the world has chosen the United Arab Emirates for its next stop. An announcement that they hope will also be a call for the rest of the Arab countries that also tend to jump on the bandwagon of this type of agreement.

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