The Ortoetruria WeCom is played for promotion in Serie B, on Sunday the first challenge at PalaMalè

Sport – Basketball – Serie C gold – The Blue Star begins the playoffs with the match against Carver Roma – A beautiful audience is expected in Viterbo

by Samuele Sansonetti

Sport – Basketball – Blue Star – The team

Viterbo – The third phase, the most important one, is almost upon us.

The playoffs are approaching and Ortoetruria WeCom arrives as a super favorite. With 15 wins out of 16 in the regular season and four wins out of six in the promotion phase, Fanciullo’s team proved to be the main candidate for promotion to Serie B but beware of pitfalls.

The federation regulation, in fact, is very cumbersome and says that to conquer the category jump, the Blue Star still has to sweat a lot. Archived the first two tranches of the season, the last act is missing, which sees eight teams left playing only one pass.

The formations, from the first to the square of the two groups of the promotion phase, have been ordered according to a ranking that takes into account three criteria (position in the standings, points in the standings and basket quotient) and to lead the caravan there is the Ortoetruria WeCom. . For the bianconcostellati the opponent of the quarter-finals is Carver Roma, last in the ranking, to be faced over three races.

It starts on Sunday, May 15, at 6 pm at PalaMalè and continues on Thursday 19 at 8 pm on the parquet in Rome. The eventual race 3 is scheduled for Sunday 22nd always at 6 pm at PalaMalè. Whoever wins enters the semifinal and the stakes are very high: for this reason an excellent audience frame is expected at the Viterbo building.

In the last few meetings, also considering the results, the turnout of the public has been very good and will certainly increase further due to the importance of the meeting.

“From Sunday we start from scratch – they say from the club -, in the usual lottery of the playoffs where fierce teams compete against each other and all are able to play a leading role for the jump in the category. Until then we enjoy what we have done up to now, ready to face the final phase with the utmost commitment of all of us and of the growing number of fans who will want to follow us in this new effort “.

Samuele Sansonetti

11 maggio, 2022



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