The magic of the party gives sleep

Certainly more than 15,000 people in the streets of Saint-Leu, this last day of the festival was a real popular success. The great parade of associations and artists made it possible to reconnect with the Saturday evening fever of this unmissable event despite two years of health crisis. Bruno Domen congratulated the participants and the public for this 22nd edition. Alongside the director of the Séchoir and its president, the Mayor affirmed to the festival-goers awaiting the launch of the parade: ” Tempo exists as long as I’m here, I promise ».

And the public gathered on rue Général Lambert to appreciate the memorable parade with the luminous jugglers at the head of the procession, the superb and impressive inflated puppet from the Picto Facto company, the giant colored caterpillar in the Saint-Leusien sky alongside the dragon from the Ping Sheng Dragon Association, one of the 28 participating associations.

Mobilisation associative

In the December 20 park, Tempo volunteers welcomed from 6 p.m. the associations that had prepared this long-standing parade, such as the Alizées association, the Tendance company, Lotus flower, Caps, Multisports, Gamasse, etc. or even Etoile des neiges by the singer Margot, also highlighted during the parade with the widely applauded sports clubs of judo and martial arts.

The party everywhere in somin

In the preamble to the parade, the orchestral ensemble of Bourbon with the resonance choir and the dancers of Ti Danse de Piton Saint-Leu set the tone for the event.

The big parade lasted an hour and delighted the visitors. “So cool, we’ve wanted to resume our good festive habits for a long time,” explains Gisèle, who came with her parents and children to the festival. Rue du Général Lambert gave pride of place to all kinds of musical entertainment: reggae, maloya at the bend of a restaurant, a bar also packed. A memorable party in everyone’s opinion.

The forecourt of the Town Hall full to bursting

For the concerts offered in apotheosis by the city, the crowd of the big days invaded the esplanade to start the evening with DJ Matt and Rom’s. Then place on the artistic stage of Claudio in the Kaz for a guaranteed popular success with Morgan, the light group, Srjo, Clara, Mister Love and especially the musical sensation Léa Chorrus who concluded around 2am and in style this 2022 edition.

« A big congratulations to all » launched in conclusion and thanks the Mayor on the stage of the town hall alongside the elected officials and the organizers of the event. Pierrette and her daughter Annabelle did not fail to obtain all the autographs necessary to remember this evening or rather this magical night in Saint-Leu for a long time.



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