Summary and result Real Madrid– Manchester City I

There are things that cannot be explained. You don’t even have to look for explanations. What happened this year in the Santiago Bernabeu on the Champions it transcends logic, and even football. When the clock struck 89 minutes, there was no sign of him Real Madrid could turn the goal around Mahrez. One could not even breathe the fervor of one Bernabeu resigned this time he had just lived magical nights against the Almighty PSG and the reigning champion Chelsea. But the duel over this one Manchester City mature and cynical he painted really badly. He had warned Guardiola in the previous one “we may play worse than in the first leg and win”. And that was exactly what happened when the clock struck 89 minutes. But everything blew up again … Madrid will be in the final in Paris. The reasons do not look for them in this chronicle.

Before the miracle, and instructed by what happened in the first leg, the duel of the Bernabeu he awoke more cautiously than frantically. He Real Madridshielded by the presence of casemiro i Valverde in the spinal cord, it offered a more metallic profile, while the Manchester City he was betting on a more preventive than malicious possession. Guardiola he lined up his starting sides, with Walker infiltrate, i Ancelotti he hid his low block to attack where his team moves best, in the spaces. Two shots of Benzema and another of vinicius they lit up the local home parish, but the City responded with two claws of Bernardo Silva i Gabriel Jesus Que accelerated the pulsations of the bleachers. The entertaining minutes of trying left the same feeling of the duel of Manchester: There was more offensive than defensive talent on the field.

Carletto he had not concealed, with his particular sarcasm, that the party would be long in warning that those who would end the party would be more important than those who began it. A very subtle way of saying that the plan was not to lose the tie in the first hour, to win it in the second. Maybe that explains why Modric spend more time waiting for rodri than the Croatian of the Croatian in the first assault. The whites bet to play direct in attack, with attacks carried out by KarimVinicius, who found in Walker a gnawing hard bone, and a circumstantial third. Pep he grinned at the invitation Mahrez to challenge the changed bed Mendy i alternated the position of Gabriel Jesus i Foden. At City, Bernardo was at the helm, but he was De Bruyne who accelerated the attacks. It was the calm that precedes the storm. When Orsato sent the staff to the shower, the players had squeezed the boards. Missing epic …

The second half began with a sensational opportunity to vinicius the pass of Carvajal. In the next play it was Mendy what came. The boldness of his sides was a symptom of that Ancelotti had gone up a couple of steps, and the aggressiveness in the recovery of the ball after the loss of Madrid, the hallmark of the teams of Guardiola, began to connect the lawn with the Bernabeu. Even Vinicius, who was penalized for poor controls in the area, was already shamelessly unbalanced by Walker. At the front, the City did not pose any danger, nor a sad threat to intimidate the whites, who were increasingly convinced in the split balls.

Thirty minutes were left when Ancelotti removed Rodrygo. The plan was on track. One hour controlling the match and half an hour to tie the tie. Carletto left the field Valverdethe all-camper, and sharpened his arrivals with the Brazilians. Guardiola he was forced to relieve himself Walker and let in Gundogan for a gray DeBruyne. And in the first play an error in the spinal cord allowed to reach the edge of the area a Bernardothe best of the match, which served to his right, where he appeared Mahrez to nail once with the left in the net. The mountain was theEverest. 19 minutes in front and two goals to score. Ancelotti revolutionized the game with camavinga i Asensioper casemiro i Modricbut the goal had been a blow for one Bernabeu which was not the case on other nights. Perhaps narcotized by the calculated football of both in the first hour of the match, the white public was not able to reactivate theirs, who were not able to decipher the sudoku he had proposed. Guardiola.

Two goals in 90 seconds

And then it happened again. Rodrygo in vain score in the 89th minute, with an added six minutes ahead. A play with more faith than aesthetics that ignited the Bernabeu. The bleachers exploded and in the next play Carvajal focused on the area where Asensio he ended up on the net with football in full swing and the people asking for more. The magic of the Bernabeu had done it again. Where there was no football the character appeared. He warned her Ancelotti, we need quality, commitment and heart. The question arises as to whether Madrid had played gossip before, what would we be talking about? In overtime. Ancelotti’s plan …

And here comes the extension, where the Madrid it continued and continued to grow pushed by the Bernabeu. And in a pass to the area without danger Benzema anticipates a matusser Reuben Days which is thrown and runs over the striker. Karim this time he pulls cold blood and waits for it to release Ederson to trick him and score the third. Madrid was a Paris, although the whole extension was ahead. But City no longer played against a team, they played against a dream, a chimera. Ancelotti’s plan was perfect: the miracle as a tactic.


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