Successful National Judo in Carlos Paz

The National Judo Opening Tournament was held in Carlos Paz, Córdoba from May 5 to 8 with total success with more than 900 judokas.

The Cordovan city of Carlos Paz was the epicenter of national judo with 900 judokas in 130 categories in an unprecedented event, since it broke registration records, exceeding expectations by one hundred percent.

Córdoba took over the medal table with 23 gold, 8 silver and 26 bronze medals, seconded by the Metropolitan region with 19 gold, 19 silver and 19 bronze medals, and closing the last place on the Santa Fe podium with 14, 16 and 19 medals respectively.

There was also room for belt graduations.

It had the judokas with the greatest projection and names in the adult category such as Keisy Perafán, Karim Adarvez, Lucía Cantero, among others.

The note was given by the Uruguayan national team, which despite not being one more province, and the little regional activity in South America, was invited as one more team to give more importance and importance to such competition, raising the competitive level to the maximum.

Photo: CAJ



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