Soccer and Baseball, the sports of Eduard Bello, Venezuelan from Mazatlan

Eduard Bello, today is a consolidated soccer player, but there was a time when baseball could be his profession; even now the player of the Mazatlán FC He assures that he had the conditions to stand out as a baseball player.

“As I got older I liked soccer much more, I grew up playing both sports at the same time; There was even a time when I played basketballI left basketball, because it was not as well supported, but I continued with football and baseball, until I was 14 years old, when I decided on soccer, because obviously I couldn’t become a professional with both of them. If I already saw it with that projection, I decided to keep just one”.

Although Bello does not deny what was and still is the dominant sport at home, because if it is now common to talk about soccer, as in any other Venezuelan home, the country’s sport is and always will be baseball: “My family follows baseball more and as a child I have been more a baseball player than a footballer, what they know about football at home they have been learning little by little with my career.

However, for the boy, everything had made sense in his head; he had set himself a purpose: “I had a very clear mind that wanted to be professionalIf one day I watched television, I wanted to be behind that television playing professionally, what? I didn’t know, because thank God I have that gift of being athletic of all sports, to be able to adapt very quickly to sports, and I just let it flow, to see what I was liking the most, but I think that every day I spent it in the street playing anything, basketball, football, baseballwhatever”.

But Bello was more than a determined boy, he repeated over and over again that he would conquer his professional dreams in sports: “That’s what I used to say since I was little and I think that today they are impressed by that maturity and determination that I had since I was little; even, I saw a professional player y it was ¡wow! but no, I didn’t ask for photos or anything, because I said that one day i would be in that position”.

That determination went hand in hand with the appearance he wanted to build for himself: “Since I was little I watched a lot of basketball, I liked that style of the Americans, long hair, braid, I liked Allen Iverson (14 seasons in the NBA) when the braid was done. As a child I always wanted to let my hair grow, but my parents wouldn’t let me; then, when I was of age, I let it grow. Same in football admired RonaldinhoI loved how he enjoyed soccer, how he played, how he had fun on the fieldbut fierce of the field nothing ”.

Eduard Bello He has experience in soccer Venezuelan Leagues, Chile and now in Mexicobut his goal isget to europe, but right now the main thing is to meet the goals with the club, we go step by step, because that opens the doors for one. I want to keep growing.”

Mazatlan y Puebla They will play a single match on Sunday at 5 p.m. in the Cuauhtemoc Stadium; The winner will advance to the Quarterfinals of the Closing Tournament 2022.


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