Small Parchimer fighters included in the circle of judoka

Six candidates were about to be baptized as judo martial artists (judoka). After passing the 1st belt test, the little fighters are allowed to wear the white and yellow belt (8th Kyu). All six boys reached the goal on the day of the exam in the Parchimer Weststadtsporthalle. Dominic Bäck and Minh Ngujen received the best test results from examiner Ralf Wilke (5th Dan).

Fall, throw and floor techniques demonstrated

The content of the test consisted on the one hand of the demonstration of learned falling techniques. Then at least two basic forms of the learned throwing techniques as well as another two basic forms of the learned ground techniques. In addition, there were two application tasks from a standing position and on the ground.

“The exam day is always very exciting and emotional for the examinees and their parents.”

Ronald Pribbernow

Trainer at SV Blau-Weiß Parchim

In contrast to competitions, where the fighters are cheered on, the parents cheer silently on during the test. When the certificates and belts were handed over, the relief was palpable. Loud applause from the audience accompanied the ceremony.

Coach happy with results

A total of ten belt tests passed successfully on the day. In addition to the debutants, two judoka passed the yellow-orange test and two more passed the orange-green test. Examiners and club trainers were equally satisfied with the mostly good test results.



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