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May 11, 2022

The judokas that make up the “Yamamoto” Municipal School of Judo managed to bring two medals to the town of Santa Cruz. Zoe Videla came out 3rd in Category 38 and Lucía Mancilla 5th in Cadet and 2nd in Kiu Novicio.

The last weekend Santa Cruz stepped strong in Cordovan lands. The Municipal school from JudoYamamoto” from Las Heras which is in charge of the teacher Carla Acosta had a prominent participation of the National Judo Championship which took place in Villa Carlos Paz of the 5 al 8 of May.

were more than 1500 judokas from all over the country who traveled to Córdoba to say present in the categories Infant A, Infant B, Cadet Novice, Cadet Graduate, Junior Novice, Junior Graduate, Senior, Kiu Novice and Kiu Graduate.

One of the sports accidents that one of the participants from our province had, Zoe Videla it was the clavicle fracture product of the competition. Because of this, he had to return immediately before the competition ended with the teacher Carla Acosta.

For its part, Lucía Mancilla, another of the competitors of Las Heras should have stayed in charge of the confederation from Santa Cruz to complete his last fight. In sports, both Lucy how Zoe got great results: Zoe came out 3rd in Category 38 and Lucía Mancilla 5th in Cadet and 2nd in That Novice.

In this way, the Municipal School of Las Heras will continue training and think about future competitions for this 2022.



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