Shooting in Milwaukee outside Bucks game leaves injured (Video)

  • A shooting took place outside a Bucks playoff game in Milwaukee.
  • At least three people were injured, authorities confirmed.
  • Videos on social media show hundreds of fans fleeing amid the chaos of the shooting.

Shooting unleashes the panic of the fans. Law enforcement authorities confirmed a shooting outside a Bucks playoff game in Milwaukee injured at least three people, while hundreds of fans were filmed fleeing during the chaos.

The New York Post reported early Saturday that three people were shot, including a 16-year-old girl, outside the Bucks game on Friday night, May 13, in addition to videos on social media capturing how the crowd he was running for his life.

Shooting sparks panic outside Bucks game in Milwaukee

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The Milwaukee Police Department confirmed that two men and a teenage girl were shot near Martin Luther King Drive and Highland Avenue, outside the Fiserv Forum sports venue, during the final minutes of the NBA playoff game between the Bucks and Los Angeles. Celtics, according to a reporter from WISN12 News.

A 19-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident, police reports said. The injured men were not identified, but are 26 and 29 years old. Two of the victims are in stable condition, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported, and all three are expected to survive.

Fans run desperate in the midst of chaos

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Video shows dozens of fans in the outdoor spectator area, known as the Deer District, fleeing for cover amid the confusion and chaos following the shooting in that area of ​​Milwaukee. The Bucks had announced earlier in the afternoon that as many as 11,000 fans had gathered in the area, the Journal-Sentinel reported.

Other videos, the Post noted, show people screaming as they scatter to safety. Rescuers were quick to arrive at the site to help the injured. A large police presence was seen at the scene late on Friday after the Celtics pulled off a victory that will force them into Game 7 of the second round in Boston on Sunday.

“There was a stampede”

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Fox News reported that witness Brittany Bergstrom, who was at a nearby restaurant, told Fox 6: “Everyone started running. There was a stampede, people running over bushes, hats and shoes on the ground, drinks spilled everywhere.”

She added that her boyfriend pushed her to the back wall of a brick wall to protect himself and, she added, “if he hadn’t done it, the result would be very different. And that’s all I know and everybody ran away and I kept running.” The Fox News report also indicated that several fights were broken up as the game was ending, but it is unclear if any had anything to do with the Milwaukee shooting.

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