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Independent Santa Fe faced Llaneros at the turn of the BetPlay Women’s League quarterfinals. A comfortable victory for those led by Omar Ramirez who had led the series in Villavicencio with a resounding score of 0-6.

The lionesses shined in Bogotaand if not for Geraldine Knight, visiting goalkeeper, the visitors took an abysmal thrashing. Finally, the overall culminated in a 10-0 for the cardinals.

As soon as the match began, Santa Fe took possession of the ball and created problems in the goal of the Metenses. Six minutes later, an infraction by María López against Karla Torres in the area was designated as a penalty that Laura Garavito executed in the background.

Llaneros did not see the ball at any time, and Wendy Martínez, relieving Yessica Velásquez in the cardinal’s portico, never suffered an attempt by Llaneros beyond a shot that she easily controlled. Six minutes after Santa Fe’s goal, Karla Torres overflowed again, sent a low center that Iranis Centeno narrowly came to define.

Santa Fe continued with the ball at their feet and with attempts to increase the difference in the game and in the aggregate that was already 7-0 in favor of the lionesses. Around 19 minutes, Paola García took a shot that Geraldine Caballero saved. Subsequently, Iranis Centeno received from Gabriela Huertas and with a cross shot, Caballero saved again.

If it wasn’t for the goalkeeper from Llaneros, Santa Fe would take a bigger victory than in itself, increased with a center by Viviana Acosta at the head of Paola García. Geraldine Caballero saved, and the rebound was capitalized on by García herself, pushing the ball to the bottom. The attacks of the Leonas continued with Karla Torres and a whiplash saved by Caballero.

In the last minutes of the first half, Karla Torres once again invented a personal move, going hand in hand with the two central defenders from Llaneros. She faced them, and she took a cross shot that Geraldine Caballero saved with her feet to the corner. This is how the first 45 minutes ended.

Already in the complement, Santa Fe moved the team with the income of Kena Romero and Fabiana Vallejos for Vanessa Gómez and Gabriela Huertas respectively. The tone of the match did not change. The lionesses continued with the actions. About 52 minutes in, Romero took a shot that defender Anyi Olarte rejected for a corner.

Around 59 minutes, a collective play between Kena Romero and Karla Torres culminated in a shot by the youth player that Geraldine Caballero easily controlled. He seemed closer to the third for Santa Fe than the first for Llaneros. In fact, at 66 minutes Leivis Ramos recovered the ball with a rebound that ended at the feet of Kena, who did not think twice to take a tremendous whiplash to the angle, impossible for Caballero.

With ten minutes remaining in the match, Kena Romero led with a lot of space, taking advantage of the diagonal shot by Karla Torres. She entered the area, dribbled past Geraldine Caballero and with the goal at her mercy, she defined the bottom. Comfortable victory with a 10-0 aggregate in favor of the Leonas to arrive with the spirit to face Deportivo Cali in the semifinals.


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