Santa Fe Liga BetPlay Results Needed to Qualify for Home Runs | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The days in Santa Fe have not been the best. Cardetti’s departure, despite giving them a new air and that excited them to reach the home runs, was cut short with the pale tie in Palmaseca, which also commits them to begin to depend on other results, if they want to reach to the definition of the title.

Now, the calculator and a miracle will be part, these days, of the santafereña awnings. Sunday’s day, in the League, will be of special attention for the Cardinals, who will depend on other people’s results, to reach the home runs.

Specifically two parties. Envigado vs. Águilas Doradas and Alianza Petrolera vs. Once Caldas. In the first, a draw would favor him, taking into account that the oranges face Tolima on the last day, which would make an additional quota available.

Similar case in the duel between Barranqueños and Caldenses, who have 26 and 25 units respectively, which would put the duel next weekend between the lions and whites as a direct one, for the dispute in the final round of all against all, in search for the quota to the home runs. In addition, they could need a positive result from Millonarios, who will receive the oil tankers in El Campín.



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