San Marino-Parma opens the Poule Scudetto »

The crowded stands of the Serravalle stadium in San Marino

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Serie A 2022 celebrates the first challenge of the Poule Scudetto by pitting the reigning European champions of Parma Clima against the tricolors of San Marino, a triptych of races as difficult as it is fascinating: the last direct confrontation dates back to two seasons now they are due to the pandemic, the format of the 2021 championship and the consequent revolution brought to the calendars.

The advance of the third day was necessary to allow San Marino and Parma to participate in the European Champions Cup which will take place in Bonn in the first week of June. This weekend’s program will start on Thursday evening on the Serravalle pitch at 19.30 and will end on Saturday at the Cavalli stadium with a doubleheader scheduled for 16 and 20.30.

During the second part of the championship, three games will always be played over the distance of seven innings: the first is defined as “free” leaving the clubs the possibility of using foreign pitchers, the second will be reserved for “Afi” pitchers while the third provides the possibility of deploying community pitchers as well.

On Thursday evening, Parma Clima will therefore entrust the launch mound to Emailin Montilla and Carlos Contreras with the aim of countering the progress of the couple formed by Carlos Quevedo and Andrè Rienzo. For Montilla and Rienzo it will be the absolute debut in the Italian championship: the Dominican and the Brazilian – for him also a militant in the Major League with the White Sox and Marlins uniforms – will have to demonstrate that they can make the difference in a rather balanced and complicated group. .

The two teams shared an almost parallel path until the last day of the Qualification Round when San Marino was surprised by the Crocetta and ran into the first defeat of the season. The performance of the pitchers is similar with Parma Clima which boasts a slightly lower team average pgl (1.15 against 1.38) and with San Marino which is preferred for the batting average obtained by the opponents (.168 against .183).

The offensive performance was also similar. Parma Clima beats with an average of .368, San Marino with an average of .343. The main differences can be appreciated in terms of power and speed. San Marino recorded 14 home runs (five for the Lino receiver alone, the same overall production as Parma Clima) while the European champions boast a greater number of stolen bases (13 personal for Aldo Koutsoyanopulos, leader of the ranking tied with the Collecchiese Monzon).

HERE PARMA – The choices are almost obligatory – declares Gianguido Poma, skipper of the European champions -. We will start the game with Montilla and use Contreras as a relief, it is right to put each player in their natural role.

The debut of Manuel Joseph is also scheduled for Thursday evening, the Dominican intern who closed the 2021 season with excellent numbers.

He too is called to make his contribution for a definitive leap in quality – explains Poma -. With Rodriguez’s injury we have lost some power in the heart of our line-up, we hope that he can guarantee us important numbers while awaiting Leo’s return.

HERE SAN MARINO – Manager Bindi has been entrusted with the comment on the climate of the eve. “Good, normal I would say. It is an important match tomorrow evening, but it must also be said that it is the first of 30 and that this is a long phase of the championship. The important thing is to start concentrated and to the best of our ability, then the verdict will be given by the pitch “

How are the kids? “There is still some problem for Epifano, who will probably be absent in the first one. He is to be evaluated, we do not want to risk anything in recovering him “

How do you judge Parmaclima? “Great team, they have a good line-up and run well. They are the European Champions and this is enough to tell of their value. A tough formation, we will have to give our best “.

What will be the rotation of the pitchers? “Rienzo will start race 1 and Quattrini race 2, then we will evaluate”

How much does it change with the move to seven innings? “Much. The evaluations to be made are very different in all phases of the game. Change the strategy and change the decisions to make. The important thing is to play with the right concentration “



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