Ricardo Gareca would be the new coach of the Colombian national team | Colombia selection

The environment of the Colombia selection has been on the move recently. Not only with the non-classification to Qatar, but with the election of Héctor Cárdenas, as the coach in charge of the senior category. The usual players, during the era of Reinaldo Rueda, have manifested themselves in the face of the situation, asking that the new strategist be appointed, to avoid what happened, after the departure of Pekerman.

It seems that it will be an open secret, because the directors will deny it, but the person in charge of directing the tricolor, on the way to 2026, would be Ricardo Gareca. This was announced by the journalist Diego Rueda, during the program El Vbar de Caracol Radio “The one chosen to be the new coach of Colombia is Ricardo Gareca. Meetings have already been held in both parts, one in Panama

“Details are missing, but the chosen one will be one of those who was in the Lima pact. If nothing unusual happens, Gareca will be Colombia’s coach in 2026. If he is eliminated in the playoffs, it will be sooner, if not, it will be the next year” he concluded.

Regarding the Argentine, he stated that everything will be done once his respective participation with the Peru team ends.

Also, he added one of the names of the Colombian environment, which was analyzed, but without much interest “The only Colombian name that was contemplated was that of Luis Fernando Suárez, just by looking.”



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