Regatas de San Nicolás was a steamroller and matched the series

As a local, the Náutico achieved a tremendous victory and tied the series 1-1, after defeating Gimnasia de Rosario by 113-82. This Sunday from 7:00 p.m. the pass to the semifinals is defined.

Regatas had an overwhelming start, imposing conditions, with a lot of aggressive defense, a great P. Rodríguez (8 points and 4 assists) and an 11-0 run. Gimnasia wanted to react from the hand of Mainero, but Regatas responded with the inside game of Mena and Repetti and won the partial 25-13.

In the second segment, everything continued to belong to the locals, who with a defense with many adjustments, running in fast attack, widened the differences. López took more prominence in attack, opening the visiting zone, Ingrata’s triples appeared. Passing the ball intelligently and displaying a very good basketball on the woodwork, the locals took a difference of 21 (48-27).

Led by Chiana, the visitors tried to react, but Regatas was clearly superior, dominating all phases of the game, without a doubt their best game of the season, going into the long break up 54-35.

A reaction from Gymnastics was expected after the restart, but it was Regatas who took the Rosarios out of the game, with a great contribution from Andollo, a participatory Mena and a burst from Repetti, until he was disqualified for two unsportsmanlike fouls, everything was still of the host. Regatas maintained its dominance, before a Gymnastics powerless to reverse the process. And with a lot of intensity and looking for good options in attack, the nautical man showed off, playing with a large part of the squad and dosing energy.

Thus, I entered the last quarter leading by 86 to 55, quickly sentencing history and achieving an unexpected advantage. The last 10 minutes were over, as Regatas continued to extend the advantage and took the maximum (88-55).

The coaches, with the match resolved, used their entire squad, giving the starters a rest, thinking about the third game this Sunday. Regatas played the best game of the season, with a great collective display to take a clear victory by 113 to 82, and level the quarterfinal series.

Within an even and solid performance, Repetti stood out (19 points, 7-9 in doubles, 9 rebounds), López (16 points, 4-4 in doubles, 5 assists), added to Mena (16 points, 10 rebounds) and another very good game from Andollo (9 points, 10 rebounds).

Regattas (113): Lopez 16, Ingrata 12, P. Rodriguez 13, Repetti 19 (disqualified), Husband 16 (fi); Lemme 6, Calderon 13, Andollo 9, N. Rodriguez 7 (x), Figueroa 2, Manzano 0, Felicetti 0. DT: Pablo Dastugue.

Gymnastics and Fencing (82): Saenz 2, Capra 4, Etorre 16, Yanson 5 (x), Meinero 9 (fi); Churches 3, Chiana 10, Traglia 13, Calderon 4, JM Evangelist 2, Eydallin 8, JP Evangelist 6. DT: Mariano Junco.

Partials: 25-13, 29-22, 32-20, 27-27.
Stadium: La Ribera
Referees: Diego Monti-Matías Pires Olivo.

Source: San Nicolas Regatta Press
Photos: Ariel Asenjo



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