PSG: Kylian Mbappé announces transfer decision – FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

Kylian Mbappé has mastered the transition from French to Spanish perfectly…

On the red carpet at the Player of the Season Gala Ligue 1 the PSG superstar answers the reporters’ questions either in his mother tongue or in perfect Spanish.

Logically, there were also questions about his future.

And the answers were surprisingly clear. Will he move to Real Madrid in Spain?

Mbappé said: “You will know very soon, it is practically decided. It’s not the right moment to say it here today – but, yes, I made my choice, almost, yes. Three years ago, I made the mistake of speaking about this topic at this gala. We will know soon.”

The announcement should be made later this month. Mbappé stated that he would announce his final decision before he arrives at the France national team. This should meet on May 28th.

The Spanish sports daily “Marca” didn’t want to wait that long: it reported on Monday that Mbappé and Real had reached an agreement. The last details were clarified last week.

May 28th would also be the day of the Champions League final. Real then joins Liverpool. Henkelpott and Mbappé: it could be a perfect day for the royals. On June 3rd, France will play Denmark in the Nations League. By then everything should be clear.

Mbappé was named French League Player of the Year for the third consecutive year at the gala. And for the last time?

In any case, he did not want to make a commitment to PSG: “No, I just want to thank everyone. It’s not the place to talk about my future. I just want to thank everyone.”

For months, a move to Real Madrid seemed just a matter of form, all that was missing was the announcement. But recently there should have been tensions. It is said that no agreement has been reached on the distribution of profits from the image rights. Real wanted to give Mbappé 50 percent of the profits. The superstar demanded 100 percent. Could a consensus now be found?

The France international’s contract expires on June 30. He always turned down an extension. Mbappé wanted to go to Real last summer, PSG vetoed it. The Parisians are said to have rejected an offer of €180m.

Now PSG has no more veto power…



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