Ploudalmezeau. Judo: three selected for the French championships

Sunday 1is May, in Saint-Renan, eighteen fighters from the Dojo des Abers took part in the Finistère individual cadet championship 2e division and individual hopefuls. If all did honor to their club, we will particularly remember the eleven podium places of Robin Corfa, Névé Grimault Videlo, Baptiste Poisson, Pierre Mauhourat, Paol Hulin, Yelle Tissot and Eulalie Lecoq in the hope category; by Mathilde Cariou, Gurvan Stelandre, Flavie Dufetelle, Annaëlle Com in championship 2e division. By winning the Finistère championship in their respective categories, Mathilde Cariou and Robin Corfa qualify for the French championships which will take place in Ceyrat (Puy-de-Dôme) on May 22. Already qualified due to his previous participation in the French D1 championship, Noa Le Dantec will also be on the trip.


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