OL: Les Fenottes must now switch back to D1

Delphine Cascarino and Karchaoui (Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP)

After their crowning in the Champions League, the Fenottes are close to winning back the D1. For that, it will be necessary to be able to remobilize to obtain a good result against PSG.

A good thing done. Last weekend, the Fenottes obtained a first trophy by winning the Champions League in front of Barcelona. A 3-1 success that allows them to win at least one title this season. But this is not enough for the appetite of these champions. Sunday, they have the opportunity to win the D1. For that, a draw or a success on the lawn of PSG, and the championship will return to Lyon.

The two teams met very recently in the semi-finals of the C1. A duel that turned to the advantage of Sonia Bompastor and his group. This will possibly be a psychological advantage for the Rhodaniennes. “We know them by heart so in the preparation, it will save us time and focus more on recovery and freshness for Sunday, explained the Lyon coach. The objective is to finish the season undefeated, we are ambitious and competitive so we don’t want to leave anything to our opponents.

A confidence reinforced by the title

The European victory boosted the confidence ofAmandine Henry and her teammates, who confirmed their return to the top of women’s football. “It’s a year that is taking shape, even if we still have to go for the championship, has recalled Selma Bacha. By going to Paris, we will be well in our heads because we can say that we are European champions.

But to definitively validate this exercise of very good quality, it will be necessary to finish the work, possibly as early as Sunday against a formidable opponent but who is going through a difficult period (read here). “We don’t have all the titles this year. For the moment we only have one. We still have the championship to go for, and we were eliminated from the Coupe de France. In three competitions, if we already manage to win two, it would be good”estimated Wendie Renard.

Revenge to take against PSG

And Sonia Bompastor would have preferred to end with the European final, the technician also evoked a certain spirit of revenge against the future Parisian opponent. “It is certain that to conclude on this Champions League, you end in apotheosis. But, it has already happened in the past even if in certain situations, we were already champions. We have two matches and six points left, it We have to get one back. We want to prove certain things in Paris”, she said. Preceded by PSG last year when they lost the title, the Fenottes have a golden opportunity to fully demonstrate their superiority over their best enemy, at least for this season.


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