Novak Djokovic talks about the departure of some sponsors

Novak Djokovic arrives at Roland Garros 2022 with the responsibility of defending the title, as well as the uncertainty of what will happen to the Wimbledon points. The Serbian has spoken with Tennis Majors about the problem with his sponsors due to the whole episode related to his non-vaccination last January in Australia.

Close contact with Lacoste

“In particular, with Lacoste we have been in regular contact. They have understood the situation, everything that was happening. As his world ambassador, I am important to them, but his position was not easy. They have told us that they have received pressure from the media, from some clients who were perhaps not happy with my permanence in the company”, commented Novak.

“I think they have made a good choice and I am grateful. I will try to represent the Lacoste brand as I have done so far, in the best possible way”.

Those who have stayed

Lacoste, Head and Asics made the decision to stay by the world number one despite all the commotion surrounding the player: “There are things I can’t talk about before public statements are made,” explained Djokovic.

“My main sponsors stayed with me and I appreciate it, but there are some sponsors that I no longer have. That’s all I can say. It is not for me to assess whether they should have stayed with me or left me.”

Djokovic and the press conferences

“Sometimes I just want to do a quick press conference, with normal questions. On the other hand, if there is a hot and interesting topic, I like to talk about it, although people in my team always warn me that I should talk less about sensitive topics. Maybe sometimes I go deeper than I should”, concluded the Serbian.

Novak will have his first meeting at Roland Garros 2022 against the Japanese Yoshihito Nishioka, whom he has already defeated twice.



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