NFL: Once his career is over, Tom Brady will receive a fabulous salary as a consultant at Fox Sports

We’ve known it since March 13: no, Tom Brady hasn’t quite finished with the NFL yet. 40 days after announcing his retirement, the 44-year-old retraced his steps and revealed he was returning to service with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise. For how much longer ? Mystery. What is no longer a secret for anyone, however, is that the famous quarterback will then begin a career as a TV consultant.

As announced earlier this week, the seven-time Super Bowl winner has reached an agreement with Fox Sports. Once he has definitely put his helmet and protections away, the Californian will sit in the press box and comment on the American football matches with a microphone in hand.


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Highest-Paid Man on American TV

An activity that should prove particularly lucrative. According to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post – which belong, like Fox Sports, to the News Corporation group -, Brady will receive no less than 375 million dollars (or approximately 358.77 million euros) over ten years, which would make him the highest paid man in American television. “What has been reported is not an accurate description of the deal”however denounced Brian Nick, spokesperson for Fox, without however formally denying the figures advanced.

Tom Brady

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