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In Monday’s NFL news: Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder wanted Roger Goodell out; Wrongful termination in Las Vegas?; arrest warrant for Earl Thomas; and more. Don’t miss the NFL news.

Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder wanted Roger Goodell fired in 2017

Once again an off-field scandal involves Daniel Snyderowner of the Washington Commanders, although on this occasion, Jerry Jonesowner of the Dallas Cowboys, who last Wednesday night starred in the covers having a car accidentis also involved.

Via Sportscasting.comthe previous Saturday it was reported that John Schnatter, former CEO of Papa John’s, one of the major sponsors of the league, appeared last month in an interview with Jason Whitlock, where it was stated that Snyder and Jones wanted Schnatter to try to Roger Goodellcommissioner of the NFL, was fired from his position in 2017, mainly because of the way he handled the controversy that at the time revolved around the national anthem of the United States:

“Snyder and Jones hate Goodell,” Schnatter said. “I said, ‘No, it’s not my job to fire your Commissioner. Work for you’. Remember, Goodell is a coward and an incompetent. And he’s just lucky. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner Indra Nooyi [ex directora ejecutiva] from PepsiCo and Dan Snyder, they all called me, and several other people, about Goodell’s conduct and the way he was handling this. Jones and Dan Snyder wanted Goodell fired.”

“This was like, the first of November, the end of October,” Schnatter added. “They called and said, ‘You have to get this guy out. You are the number one sponsor in the league, in terms of notoriety, acceptance and association. Everybody loves you, loves Peyton [Manning, franquiciado y patrocinador de Papa John’s]. We hate Goodell.’” In addition, Schnatter followed up the interview by stating that Snyder called Goodell a “drunk, and yet we pay him $50 million a year.”

Finally, Schnatter concluded by referring to the lack of leadership in the league that has harmed Papa John’s shareholders, and that the company has been withdrawing its advertising associated with the NFL: “I only sell pizzas. I have a family of small businesses that, you know, probably 35% of our spending in the NFL went down to 20%. This behavior of not addressing the issue to the satisfaction of owners and players is causing me and my franchisees a lot of trouble.”

“This has been going on now for two seasons. I had the way cleared by two owners to go after Goodell personally. I did not persecute him in a cruel and poisonous way. I just told him, ‘Hey, grow up, be a leader and fix the problem so my small business owners don’t get hurt,'” Schnatter concluded. What do you think about John Schnatter’s statements about Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder?

Dan Ventrelle would have been fired from the Raiders for denouncing “hostile work environment”

Off-field scandals are the order of the day and, apparently, in Las Vegas they did not want to stay out of the party. Last Friday, through a brief statement issued by Mark Davisowner of the Raidersthe team made official the sudden dismissal of Dan Ventrelle, who served as president of the franchise since July 2021: “Dan Ventrelle is no longer in the Raiders organization. We will have no further comment at this time,” Davis said.

Undeniably, the statement left more questions than answers regarding the departure of Ventrelle, who hours later did not hesitate to refer that his unexpected departure from the Raiders was the product of various accusations he made against the “hostile work environment” that took place. lives within the organization: “Today [viernes]Mark Davis terminated my employment as president of the Las Vegas Raiders,” Ventrelle stated, via Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“I have dedicated nearly 18 years of my life to the success of the Raiders as General Counsel and President. I take that responsibility very seriously, which is why I was concerned about several written employee complaints that Mark created a hostile work environment and engaged in other potential misconduct. When Mark was confronted with these issues, he was nonchalant and did not show the level of concern that was warranted. Given this, I have informed the NFL of these issues and Mark’s unacceptable response.”

“Shortly after, I was fired in retaliation for raising these concerns. I strongly stand by my decision to raise these issues to protect the organization and its employees. I remain committed to doing everything in my power to support the Raiders and the Las Vegas community I now call home. I have retained an attorney and will have no further comment at this time.”

Regarding the situation, it was the same Friday night that the NFL ruled on the matter: “We recently became aware of these accusations and we take them very seriously,” said league spokesman Brian McCarthy, through a statement. “We will investigate the matter immediately.”

Thus, it is unknown if Ventrelle will decide to file a lawsuit against the Raiders. Regardless of the direction this case takes, however, Ventrelle’s statements imply that multiple female employees of the organization have filed complaints about owner Mark Davis and the workplace culture that has been adopted in Las Vegas, which must certainly be addressed. investigated in depth. What do you think about Dan Ventrelle leaving the Raiders?

Arrest warrant issued for Earl Thomas

Couple of weeks ago, the S Earl Thomas, who remains an unrestricted free agent and hasn’t played in the NFL since 2019, expressed his desire to return to the league: “I’m fit. The weather is perfect, I’m proud of that.” Thomas commented recently. However, after starring in a new off-field scandal, an eventual return for the 33-year-old veteran safety looks extremely complicated.

through the Austin American-Statesman, Last Friday it was reported that a judge in Austin, Texas, issued an arrest warrant for Thomas after he violated a court order of protection by sending threatening messages to a woman about her and her children; Magistrate George Thomas signed the order on April 27, but Thomas has not yet been booked into the Travis County, Texas jail.

Thomas now faces a third-degree felony charge for allegedly violating the order on two or more occasions in a 12-month period. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office alleges in the arrest affidavit that Thomas previously violated a May 2021 Justice Court protective order that required him to communicate with the woman solely and exclusively through a phone app. shared parenting.

For his part, Thomas’s divorce attorney, Trey Dolezal, pointed out that the present situation was nothing more than Thomas contacting his wife to try to see their children: “They were consciously and collectively working together to see their children”, Dolezal pointed out. “I really don’t understand how she could be in violation by working together to visit her children.”

Finally, it should be noted that this problem occurred on April 18 and 19, just three days before, through Adam Schefter of ESPNThomas, a seven-time Pro Bowler and five-time All-Pro, will openly express his desire to play in the league again. Does Earl Thomas deserve a second chance in the NFL?

Antonio Brown lashes out at Colin Kaepernick: “He doesn’t want to play, he was trash”

In more NFL news, from his very particular goodbye to the league after a scandal on the court in a duel between Buccaneers and Jets, the WR Antonio Brown He has not hesitated to star on the covers with multiple highly striking statements, and this weekend was no exception. In an appearance on the podcast Cigar Talklast Friday Brown lashed out hard against the QB Colin Kaepernickwho has recently hinted that he wants to return to the NFL.

Brown’s statements came when the presenter lamented that Kaepernick was rejected by the league after spending the entire 2016 season kneeling at the start of games during the United States national anthem: “They gave him the money and they gave him a commercial, they gave him the documentary,” said Brown, through “He accepted a deal. We don’t feel sorry for you. You took the deal. Get the fuck out of here. Oh kapernick. Man, you’re with Nike, man. Get the hell out of here.”

“He doesn’t want to play, man. It was garbage. Kaepernick did all of that and took the money and then he got the commercial. We don’t see Kaepernick outside. Where is the? I never see him outside. All of that is bullshit. We’re not respecting that, brother. You took the money, the commercials. We don’t see you outside. We don’t see him in the neighborhood. He does not do anything. He’s not even from the neighborhood. As black people, we need to be clear about that,” Brown concluded.

Despite the above, Kaepernick has indeed contributed through his group Know Your Rights, where it “promotes the well-being of black communities through education, mass mobilization, and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders.” However, Brown’s complaint, from his subjectivity, refers to Kaepernick’s low visibility in society. What do you think about Antonio Brown’s statements?

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