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On May 13, citizens exercised on the basketball court of Jinan National Fitness Center. (Photo by our reporter Cui Jian)

After a long wait of more than 40 days, Quancheng sports and fitness enthusiasts returned to their favorite gyms and sports fields to release their long-held vitality and enjoy the happiness brought by sports and fitness. On the afternoon of May 13, Jinan’s two major municipal gymnasiums, Jinan National Fitness Center and Jinan Olympic Sports Center, reopened, and there was an endless stream of citizens who came to exercise and exercise. “From today, my happiness is back!” said Jiang Xiaona, a citizen.

“Please scan the venue code, show the health code, itinerary code, and a negative nucleic acid test certificate, and enter the venue after taking your body temperature.” When the reporter came to the city’s national fitness center, the security personnel at the entrance were reminding citizens who came to exercise. According to Wang Juan, deputy director of the Jinan National Fitness Center, the city’s National Fitness Center officially opened to the public on May 13. During the opening period, the center will conduct sub-site and current-limiting reservation management for each venue. In the early stage, in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the Municipal Fitness Center carried out comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of all venues during the previous closing period, maintained facilities and equipment, and focused on the overall maintenance of the swimming pool bottom, water inlet, water circulation system and filtration system. Maintenance, while fully preparing for the opening of the gym, it also creates a more comfortable and safer fitness environment for citizens who come to exercise.

The Jinan Olympic Sports Center has resumed fitness and opening of all venues under the premise of preparing for epidemic prevention and control such as nucleic acid testing, comprehensive disinfection, venue ventilation, and cleanliness. Open projects include outdoor basketball, cage football, badminton, table tennis, tennis, fitness equipment, etc. Han Kaikai, head of the venue management department of the Jinan Olympic Sports Center, introduced that the center employees strictly implement nucleic acid testing and health monitoring regulations, as well as two-code inspections for personnel entering the venue, regular disinfection of venues and facilities, and time-sharing management and control of people flow. During the normalized nucleic acid test period, citizens who come to exercise must scan the site code to register, measure their temperature, and present their health code, itinerary code, nucleic acid test negative certificate or a nucleic acid test sticker within the validity period before entering the gym.

“I haven’t come to the city’s National Fitness Center for more than 40 consecutive days, and I’m dying. When I saw the news of the opening of the venue, the players in our badminton group were very excited. Everyone made an appointment for the venue and came to play as soon as the venue opened. Coming to the stadium feels both familiar and unfamiliar. Some time ago, I could only do some other sports at home. Although it is also good for the body, I still did not have the pleasure of competing with the players in the badminton hall.” The 55-year-old badminton Fan Li Zhong said. The 60-year-old Uncle Wang and the 72-year-old Uncle Zhao are table tennis lovers. After more than a month, the two brothers reunited in the table tennis hall of the National Fitness Center. After more than an hour of tricks, the two felt a long-lost happiness. “The epidemic has dissipated, life is back on track, and we can also come to play. It feels great to sweat profusely after exercising, and I enjoy this feeling very much.” Uncle Wang said excitedly.

In the evening, the outdoor football field and basketball court of the Olympic Sports Center have become a playground for young people. Accompanied by the sunset, football fans run wildly on the green field, while basketball fans throw their basketballs to the basket again and again. After scoring a goal, high-five and shout with teammates; make a mistake and encourage teammates loudly; thirsty and tired, unscrew the water bottle and drink a lot… “The stadium is finally open, and I can play with my friends happily. I see the stadium open. After the news, I asked a friend to come over after get off work. I haven’t felt this way for a long time, and my mood is like today’s weather, which is very sunny.” Xiao Zhao, a basketball enthusiast, said.

It is understood that after the Jinan National Fitness Center and Jinan Olympic Sports Center opened in an orderly manner on the 13th, about 2,000 citizens made appointments to come to exercise and fitness at different times. With the orderly opening and resumption of operations of various sports venues in our city, Quancheng sports and fitness enthusiasts finally ushered in their own happiness. (Reporter Wang Beibei of this newspaper)

Original title: Sports venues open in an orderly manner, citizens’ enthusiasm for sports is high, “My happiness is back!”

Instructor on duty: Yan Jia



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