Millet festival in Lobi country: The 5th edition of “Djokhabinan” focuses on conflict prevention and resolution

“Djokhabinan” or the millet festival in Bouna will take place from May 13 to 14, 2022 in celebration of the Lobi culture. This 5th edition will revolve around the theme: “Conflict prevention and resolution, factor of social cohesion”. Placed under the aegis of the Central Chief of the Lobi of Côte d’Ivoire, Sib Virkoun, this 5th edition of the millet festival like the previous ones will welcome many festival-goers. The Lobi people of Côte d’Ivoire thus intend to celebrate in cohesion and live together with other peoples the millet which constitutes their staple food.


It should be noted that the 4th edition was marked by the meeting of the Lobi chiefdom which was followed by the official presentation of the new central chief who succeeded Patriarch Bitaté Hien, who died on December 08, 2019.

According to the president of the Regional Council of Bounkani Philippe Hien, it is a question of making known and especially of promoting the Lobi culture. Hence a particular emphasis on conferences, dances, artistic performances, storytelling, archery and a culinary competition. For him, we must give value to the Lobi culture and transmit it from generation to generation as it crosses borders. A strong advocate of Lobi culture, Mr. Hien believes it needs to be valued. Anything that aims to enhance the Lobi people. Hence the institution of this festival which aims to be a forum for the promotion of Lobi culture. “Our culture, our dignity and our honor are our wealth”, likes to say the president of the Regional Council of Bounkani. Who specifies that one of the characteristic traits of the Lobi is above all the preservation of his honor in all things.

The Bir, a ritual dance in Lobi country

The Bir, a ritual dance in Lobi country

At the 3rd edition of the Bouna millet festival, the president of the South-West Regional Council, Marcel Da, who led a delegation from Burkina Faso, welcomed this initiative. He also congratulated President Philippe Hien for having understood that you cannot develop a region without culture.

For his part, the Honorable Edward Sabo Laabii of Ghana, at the 3rd edition, wished that the “Djokhabinan”, this space of cultural development, a base for development, be a factor of integration and unity between peoples from Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina.


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