Lautern – Dresden 0:0: Insane mood in Kaiserslautern – Dresden zeros on Pyro-Betze – Bundesliga

This game was more combat than art!

Dresden and Lautern do without goals in the relegation first leg for the second division, instead relying on full commitment.

216 duels, no hits – only physically this kick was ready for the second division.

The highlight of the game are the fans at Betztenberg – 46,179 fans ensure goosebumps even before kick-off with a great choreo and pyro show.

Striker Terrence Boyd on Sky: “It’s insane what they did.”

Referee Felix Brych is constantly on duty, but doesn’t blow his whistle at first when Will and Lautern striker Hanslik bang their heads against each other (14′).

Hanslik can continue playing, but Will later has to be substituted and is taken to the hospital with a concussion.

Later, Captain Knipping was caught with his knee on the back of his head and had to be treated on the sidelines. The central defender remains on the field (80th).

Lautern boss Thomas Hengen: “It was a tough but fair game.”

Boyd (27th) missed the biggest chances for the hosts and Daferner (56th) headed Dynamo.

The decision about the second division has been postponed for the time being due to the 0-0 – the second leg will take place in Dresden on Tuesday (8.30 p.m.).

Dynamo defender Chris Löwe: “I’m curious if they can handle the cauldron like we can.”


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