Johan Arango: He doesn’t have a team after leaving Jaguares and starts a lucrative business in Miami | Colombians Abroad

Business are business. And that includes soccer. If there comes a point where it costs more to get up to train than sit down to count bills, many just drop out. Talent is not always enough to build a profession.

Many footballers take advantage of their sporting glory days to create the foundations of a different career, a comfortable retirement for their adulthood. And it’s perfect. Others anticipate that plan and, even having a way to stay active in football, they step aside for business.

That seems to be the course of Johan Arango, who resigned from Jaguares alleging personal reasons, to dedicate himself to what would be a new and lucrative job, with international scope.

The soccer player (until he makes it official that he has passed the rank of former) does not have a team but he is very busy: it is a firm called Sky Team Valle, which gives training and courses to enter the trading business, a modality of stock transfers that seeks to invest in financial assets of different kinds to achieve high profitability, taking high risks to be successful.

In this new facet, Arango is permanently traveling to Miami, where he gets contacts for his new business. This is how he recently looked, surrounded by friends:

For now he would be in Cali, according to his latest publication. Not knowing if he plans to return to football, it seems that he has already found another occupation. His case is similar to that of Freddy Guarín, who after leaving Millonarios dedicated himself to investments that go through the real estate sector and even personal care.



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