JCH fighter Kevin Krist succeeds on international mat in Belgium | SKU

Judo: An international judo tournament, the Ippon Trophy Antwerp, for male and female youth U15 took place in Belgium. Different nations were at the start of this tournament, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany. JCH fighter Kevin Krist traveled to Belgium from the Judo Club Holzwickede to compete with the various international fighters.

Kevin started in the -66kg weight class and was very focused in his first fight right from the start. He was able to defeat his first opponent early with a shoulder throw for ippon (full point). So he faced a fighter from Belgium in the next round. Against Theo Ghiot from Judo Team Hermee, Kevin showed that he can also fight on the ground. Here he put his opponent in a hold, which meant the premature victory in this encounter. Now the young JCH fighter was in the semifinals. The next opponent was Jeremy Valentin from JC Wincange from Luxenburg. Both athletes gave nothing and fought at eye level. During the fight, Kevin was able to prematurely defeat his opponent with a Tai-Otoshi.

In the final, Kevin faced a fighter from the Netherlands. Against Xander van Dijk from Judo Team Iisselmond, the young JCH fighter was very focused and was able to take the lead with a Waazari (half a point). Kevin couldn’t hold the lead for long and the equalizer came. After full fighting time it was a draw and so it went into the “Golden Score”. After almost 4:32 minutes of fighting, Kevin was able to use his opponent’s carelessness and defeat him with a hold. Thus, Kevin Krist achieved a strong first place in this tournament. Coach Fabian Langer was more than satisfied with the performances shown.

picture: Kevin Krist with coach Fabian Langer.


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