Important note for the HEM of women and men

Note for the HEM of women and men

The DJB has given the LV the opportunity to enable its athletes to participate in the DEM via the state championships.
This means that the 1st and 2nd place in each weight class are directly qualified for the DEM.
In addition, the LV is entitled to 3 bonus places for women and men. These places are awarded based on the overall ranking.
If athletes take one of the first two places in the HEM and have already qualified for the DEM (ranking list DJB, OK, PK, etc.), athletes can move up. For this purpose, third place or fifth place must be fought for in the respective weight class, if necessary. There is only a right to move up if at least 5th place is achieved.
When participating in the DEM, the association pays the entry fee.
Travel and hotel is to be organized by the clubs themselves.
Accreditation is carried out by the association.

Michael Blumenstein and Lothar Strecker, marshals



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