Hendra Setiawan’s Role Behind Ginting’s Prime Victory in the 2022 Thomas Cup – There is the role of team captain Hendra Setiawan in Anthony Sinisuka Ginting’s inaugural victory in the 2022 Thomas Cup, Thursday (12/5/2022).

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting underwent a difficult period in the 2022 Thomas Cup which was held at Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand.

The athlete, who is familiarly called Ginting, was always deployed in three group phase matches against Singapore, Thailand and South Korea.

However, Ginting suffered three consecutive defeats and did not manage to contribute points for Indonesia in the group stage.

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The badminton player who graduated from SGS PLN has just broken the chain of his defeat in the quarter-finals against the Chinese representative Zhao Jun Peng.

Ginting won after going through a three-game match with a score of 21-12, 25-27, and 21-17. The result then led Indonesia to a 1-0 lead over China.

After the match, Ginting revealed that he always tried to improve his game to return to the best performance.

In addition, he also received an injection of enthusiasm from team captain Hendra Setiawan.

“Of course I tried to keep going even though yesterday (previous matches) lost. There is a sense of sadness and disappointment because I keep losing,” said Ginting, quoted from the PB Djarum website.

“However, I want to return to my best performance. I want to keep trying and thank God today (Thursday) I can,” added Ginting.



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