Girona renews Míchel Sánchez until 2024

Míchel Sánchez will continue to lead Girona next season. Whatever happens, whatever the outcome of this course, in which the team still has options to play the promotion and, therefore, to get promoted to Primera. The continuity of the coach no longer just depends on the promotion, as was the case until now. He and the club have signed a renewal agreement and the new contract will run until June 30, 2024. It will therefore be two more years of a bond that wrote its first chapter last summer and will last at least two more seasons. Although it has not yet made it official, the club is also guaranteed the renewal of sporting director Quique Cárcel until 2025.

“I love Girona, it’s a wonderful city. I enjoy walking around it, the Stone Bridge, the Old Town, having a drink with friends. When the family comes we enjoy the province, its surroundings, the ring road… It is an exceptional city. And on top of that people have respected me and loved me very much. What should I say about the club? It has been a very good year for everyone. I really enjoyed every day because it is a club where football is talked about. And most of all, they have respected and trusted my work. What more can I say? ” These are the words of Michel himself in a video he posted on social media. But things continue: “I’m learning Catalan. Where will I be better than here? ”says, before his image passes to a writing that reads: Míchel Sánchez 2024.

I love Girona, it’s a wonderful city. And what about the club? It has been a very good year for everyone. Where will I be better than here?

Míchel Sánchez – Manager of Girona FC

The news comes at a crucial time in terms of options to play the playoffs of a Girona that still depends on itself to finish the regular league among the top six. In addition, the ad is presented just when the situation is more delicate. After losing on Sunday at the Molinón against Sporting de Gijón (2-1), the team is a few days away from the first of the two finals they have to face -Mirandés i Burgos- when he is tied on points with Las Palmas, the seventh ranked. Two days ago, captain Cristhian Stuani used social media to spur the fans, which served as a starting point to organize a reception, this Saturday, shortly before the match at the Montilivi stadium. And now it’s time to make public one of the news of the season.

Michel is left. He has always expressed his desire to remain linked to Girona and to be in charge of returning him to the First Division. But it has not been until now that words have been translated into deeds. In mid-July last year, all doubts were dispelled when it was announced from Montilivi that the Madrid man was the one chosen to take over the bench after the farewell of Francisco Rodríguez, his last tenant. . Michel he agreed on a one-year contract and an optional one, as long as the team was promoted. Before knowing if this will happen or not, the two parties involved have sat down again to talk about new conditions. And that’s where this renewal came from. Now its continuity is no longer tied to a hypothetical ascent. The coach will stay, either in Second or First, and it will do so until 2024. At least.



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