Girona qualifies for its third consecutive promotion play-off (0-0)

GIRONAFor the third year in a row, Girona will play play-off of ascent to First. The rival will be Eibar after the point added in Burgos (0-0). And that almost a whole day a goal would have left him out. The team had to make a great emotional effort to isolate themselves in a bubble that reminded them, over and over again, that the tie was good. It wasn’t easy, despite the slightest feeling of control of the game – the team was in for a treat. The other round will be played by Las Palmas and Tenerife, while the big winners were Almeria and Valladolid, both promoted.

But, seen in perspective, the people of Girona are used to such situations. Except for 2018, in which they managed to stay in Primera, which today sounds like invented times, every year they have reached the last game with something important at stake. Remembered the attempts to ascend in recent times, always painful, but not long ago also played the neck in Second, praying not to go down. It is a club struggling in swampy terrain.

Somehow this should benefit them, even if the historical results want to bring the opposite. In stubbornness, no one will defeat him in Girona. Because he rejects the stereotype that marks him as the losing team on key days. He assumes that if he tries so many times, even if only for statistics, he must fall in his favor. And so, while in the stadiums of the category the markers were alternating, in Burgos the minutes passed. No urgent anxieties because the 0-0 was worth it, but with everything open because those of Michel did not finish solving the party either.

There was no siege of the premises, more pending to celebrate the continuity of professional football than to generate opportunities. He had a Valcarce, soon resolved by Juan Carlos, who prevented the party from being ruined with an incredible hand shot by Claudio Medina in the second half. That was the warning that made the wolf’s ears show. Whoever wants something has to suffer, and Girona is no exception. There were minutes of blockage, of nerves, of tension. Nothing comparable to what will be experienced in the coming weeks with the final struggle. For starters, Thursday in Montilivi and Sunday in Ipurua. Once again, they will face it to the end. No matter how it ends, they can be proud.


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