drugs, guns and fake money

At the home of a 19-year-old boy from Monza, the state police seized 600 grams of hashish in blocks, fake money, the reproduction of two semi-automatic pistols and a baseball bat. And so the arrest was triggered for the young man.

The boy’s small car was stopped as part of a check prepared by the police around 11 on Wednesday and an electric stunner with battery and ready to use appeared from the vehicle. The instrument aroused some suspicions and the agents carried out a search in the young man’s house in Monza and right here was found a “powerhouse” of the drug dealer, precision slingbar, reproductions of pistols with blank cartridges, a baseball bat and telescopic stick.

600 grams of hashish were seized, divided into blocks of 100 grams each, packaged and customized with different brands probably indicative of the quality of the substance. Some had the logo of a well-known fashion house, others the image of a cup of coffee. In the house – which was not in a central position – 1,100 euros of counterfeit banknotes in denominations of 50 and 20 euros were also found, two reproductions of semi-automatic pistols with blank cartridges, a baseball bat, a telescopic metal baton and all. the drug dealing kit with electronic and digital sling bars, a drug vacuum packaging machine and plastic bags.

In the house considered by the investigators to be a “dealing center” in the city, knives were also found with the blade still dirty with drugs, probably used to divide the blocks of drugs. Among the rooms of the house there were also other money – this time real – for a total of 3,200 euros which were seized because they were deemed to be the proceeds of the illegal activity. For the boy – who turns out to be unemployed – the handcuffs were triggered and he will have to answer for the charges of possession of drugs and possession of counterfeit banknotes.



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