Dedicated to Sabapro and all basketball rubber! “Nippon Life B.LEAGUE FINALS 2021-22” will show off its annual theme song at the half-time show! (May 31, 2022) | BIGLOBE News


Survive Said The Prophet (commonly known as Sabapro) performed the annual official theme song “Win / Lose” at the “Nippon Life B.LEAGUE FINALS 2021-22” half-time show.

“Win / Lose” is the annual official theme song of the domestic men’s professional basketball league “B.LEAGUE 2021-22 SEASON”, and it is a familiar song that has been close to all basketball lovers throughout the season with memories of the hot season. be.


At the half-time show, vocalist Yosh started the band’s performance with a enthusiastic greeting saying, “We will play with all our hearts because you can’t speak out.”

Many lasers and jet smokes made the band’s hot performances more exciting in the hall, and the audience also raised the lights of their mobile phones to further promote the sense of unity in the hall.

Then, when he finished the performance with all his feelings, he left a hot thank-you word saying “Thank you” and finished the performance.

In the future, we will be paying more attention to Sabapro, who not only added flowers to the hot game that was the last of the season, but also made the game even more lively.


Also, Sabapro has just released the band’s first live video work, which also includes “Win / Lose”, so please check that as well.

Click here to listen to the song “Win / Lose”.



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