Cruz Azul would remove stars from its shield and this is how it would look

Blue Cross will seek to give a ‘radical’ turn to its image and will soon present a nuevo shieldbecause they want to join other clubs in the BBVA MX League and that he does not have the stars that they have won in their history, so an image of what it would look like has already been leaked.

Some teams of the BBVA MX League they carry the stars that they have won on the shield, noting how successful they are and highlighting this fact with their fans, but others choose to have a ‘cleaner’ image.

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Cruz Azul will have a new shield without stars

Victor Velazquez, president of Board of directors of the cooperative Blue Crossannounced that the next June 16 will present their new image, where they will modify their shield but also their uniforms, seeking to surprise the fans.

Regarding the logo we are doing some modifications and we are going to make the presentation of the new skin of Cruz Azul. will no longer carry stars and we are making some changes to both the logo and the uniform and we want to surprise you on the day of the presentation, which will be the next June 16”, said the director.

After this announcement social networks began to circulate what would be the new shield of Blue Crossalthough eye, It is not officialjust a sketch that celestial fans have created with the information that they will retire their stars, but it gives us an idea of ​​what it would look like.

Instead of the white stars, which are normally at the top of the shield, the legend would now read “Football club” and at the bottom would be “Blue Cross”. The cross in the center of this image would already be without a letter, giving a somewhat retro image.

The celestial fans await the presentation of the new image Blue Cross and what will be their uniforms for the Opening 2022.

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