Chronicle and result of Zamora Enamora

The Zamora Falls in Love touched the semi-final of the play-off a LEB Oro al win by 97-84 to a Valencia Basket “B” who made use of the 15-point lead he garnered at home thanks to a ball steal on the last play of a meeting in which those of Saulo Hernández were used thoroughly with the support of an immeasurable hobby.

With 15 points against him but with an Ángel Nieto willing to be that extra factor that led to a historic comeback, Zamora Enamora jumped onto the track ready to face the talented Valencia Basket “B” with their five gala. A quintet applauded wildly by the hundreds of fans excited to experience a historic afternoon before the ball sailed through the Zamorano sky.

Harris did not take twenty seconds to transform the first possession into a basketenlarging They know shortly after the great start from Zamora with a pat under the hoop. The Zamora Enamora seemed to have very clear ideas and he looked even stronger after the 7-0 by Kalinicenko.

The excellent local partial was interrupted by a good action under the rim of the taronja subsidiary, but in the stands it did not matter. The fans, song after song, pushed their own and Kalinicenko corresponded that breath with a new triple. The disadvantage in the global computation was already seven points in just two minutes of the game.

Valencia Basket “B” then appealed to full court defense what a good result it gave him in the first leg. I argue that, in principle, Solarin dismounted to assist Bakumanya but that led to the first loss of the ball from Zamora and a partial 3-0. Punch that Round countered from the perimeter and Tamba with an entry that forced the visiting timeout (17-6, m. 5).

GALLERY |  The best images of the basketball game between Zamora Enamora and Valencia Basket "B"


GALLERY | The best images of the basketball game between Zamora Enamora and Valencia Basket “B”
Emilio Fraile

The break did not stop Zamora Enamora’s pace of play, but it did enhance the performance of its rival who, hooked on the talent of Jimeneztrimmed differences despite two large Tamba baskets. The match was even and the arrival of the rotations made it maintain its vibrant development (22-15, m. 8).

Harris, one of the few remaining on the track at the start, extended the double-digit distance with five points for the locals. A rent that alternated depending on the success from the free throw of both teams (already in bonus) and that It ended up being nine at the end of the first period (31-22).

With one team foul and four free throws, the second period opened. An exchange of blows from which Valencia Basket “B” came out the winner who, with another visit to the personal line and a three-pointer, put himself five behind Saulo Hernández’s team, forced to ask for time-out at 33-28 in the light.

The Zamora Enamora had lost some steam and it took time to recover it after the break. It took him two minutes to score and, although he controlled the rebound, two visiting triples punished the worst local minutes of success. Manu Vázquez tried to put an end to the inertia with a tap but another triple by Jiménez and three other points from Rivas ended up putting the taronja subsidiary ahead (37-39, m. 15).

The magic of the first room had disappeared and, despite an overturned crowd, the ball did not want to enter the taronja hoop. That caused nerves in a Zamora Enamora whose effort was not rewarded, unlike a Valencian team in tune with good judgment from the perimeter.

Saulo Hernández’s team had lost their aim but not their couragenot even when the rival appealed to his margin with the sanctions to harden the duel. Solarin, Harris and Bakumanya continued to stubbornly and his perseverance prevented the visitors from breaking up the duel. In fact, despite scoring another triple, the duel was still equal and Harris, with two free throws and a superb reverse, put the team ahead again. Zamora Enamora to reach the break with 48-46 on the marker.

Willing not to give up, Zamora Enamora started the second act with very good defenses about his rival. He couldn’t convert them into points, but he made it clear that if the comeback didn’t come it wasn’t going to be a problem of attitude. Not even after a triple on Bellver’s horn or the next orange basket. Solarin and Harris responded to the stake with seven points who also counteracted another shot from three visitors (55-54, m. 24).

Neither team conceded anything on the track. The battle was titanic and the faults accumulated in both teams, with Valencia Basket “B” taking command with a new triple and Solarin matching the match with a “bomb”. A give and take that the taronja broke in their favor with the umpteenth triple and a basket with an additional shot (57-63). That yes, the Zamora Enamora had not said the last word of him and with a basket by Marc García and a triple by Kalinicenko got back into the fight (62-63). However, despite the fact that Tamba also saw a hoop, those of Saulo Hernández needed more.

The Zamorano technician was moving chips, controlling fouls and looking for solutions to the rival talent, but Valencia Basket “B” continued to see the hoop easily from afar and put the comeback 20 points away. A difference that was reduced in 17 before the start of the last ten minutes thanks to a basket by Bakumanya and a free throw by Vázquez.

The dream was difficult but not impossible. In fact, Harris with five consecutive points As soon as the last quarter started, he made the fans believe that the comeback could happen. The pavilion overturned and, after a good defense, Valencia Basket “B” had to ask for a timeout. The light reflected 73-70 and the stands chanted “if you can, if you can.”

Manu Vázquez, with two free throws, extended the partial but immediately afterwards, the taronja subsidiary scored their first points. One more inconvenience that Solarin minimized from the perimeter making it 78-73. Nevertheless, the great rival, timeHe was impassive and practically four minutes had already been consumed. more had to be done.

Valencia Basket “B” returned to the stake and responded to each success of a Zamora Enamora thrown by its captain Solarin. A man who converted Round’s delivery into a lost ball into an additional basket to make it 85-77 and extend the dream a little longer. A pass to the semifinals that got a little closer with a Round layup. The feat was seven points away after a mistake by Bakumanya that led Saulo Hernández to request a timeout (87-79).

Few in the Ángel Nieto were still glued to the seat, everyone tried to make the miracle work in the last four minutes. And, despite the fact that Round missed a triple, a new basket put the goal closer. A goal so close the stake was revolutionized when three minutes remained for the final whistle (89-79).

And triple de Solarin filled the respectable with joy and left in two points to equalize the disadvantage of the first leg. And, although there was an option to leave the 15 points of the first leg for nothing, it was failed and Valencia Basket “B” took a breather with a defensive error. An error that led Saulo Hernández to ask for time out to look for five points in a minute and a half.

The Zamora Enamora did not give in and gave it all. Harris, in the restart of the game, scored an extra shot basket. Too bad that, in the following action, Valencia Basket “B” scored. Even so, and subtracting second, Harris scored again leaving the crossing open until the last seconds. However, a non-existent foul by Kalinicenko gave the visitors enough air for everything will be pending one last play that didn’t come out

Harris, instead of being selfish and risking it, wanted to give it to Solarin yuA rival cut the shipment to score at the buzzer 97-84 which left Zamora Enamora without going to the semifinals of the play-off. But despite the visitor’s celebration, it did not tarnish the great image of a team that made Ángel Nieto tremble, who believed until the end thanks to the struggle of his team.


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