Cesar Torres from Jaguares and Alexis Marquez from Pereira stepped down as coaches in the League | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

News at the end of the regular phase of Colombian soccer. Two coaches left their positionafter confirming its removal from the League BetPlay 2022-I. With both cases, andThere are eight technicians who have been dismissed this season.

The first to say goodbye was Cesar Torres. For two weeks, Jaguares communicated on social networks that the current process would not continue due to poor results and just this Saturday he said goodbye with a happy victory in his visit to Junior (2-4).

“Jaguares informs the fans, journalists and public opinion, that by mutual agreement in a talk held between President Nelson Soto and Professor César Torres, he will lead the team until the end of this season,” said the feline team two weeks ago.

Torres then leaves the institution after almost a year of work. In this 2022, his team fought until the last breath for the home run classification (beyond being an almost impossible mission) and reached the round of 16 in the Cup (phase in which it fell with Millonarios).

The second case took everyone by surprise. At a press conference, Alexis Marquezuntil this Saturday coach of the Deportivo Pereiraconfirmed that “so far my cycle came”.

“Everything you do, be it playing or directing, you have to enjoy. I’m really not enjoyingthe situation hurts me, the boys hurt me because they want to and things don’t work out. For me this final part of the tournament has not been easy, quite hard. I have found enough hostility in much of the hobby. Things are heard against the boys, against me and my coaching staff”, were the reasons for the DT to say goodbye.

And immediately afterwards he made his departure official: “I have already discussed the decision I made with the president. This is the end of my cycle at Deportivo Pereira. With a pity in my heart because this institution for me is my life and ending like this is not the best way. I prefer to take a breath. The boys asked me to reconsider, but if you don’t enjoy it, it’s very complicated”.

Likewise, he made it very clear that the heavy defeat happened due to “soccer things” and in that sense “I put my hands in the candle for the boys.” “We are not salesmen… the little-much that I have in football I have earned it by hand”, he concluded.

At the end of the press conference, the attendees applauded Márquez in recognition of the work done in recent years.



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