But what’s going on with Chris Paul?

Chris Paul is he really 100% physically? We’re really going to end up asking the question as the All-Star leader seems to have picked it up for four games. The beautiful defense of the Dallas Mavericks obviously has a lot to do with it, with for example a significant contribution from the French Frank Ntilikina. But that CP3 has such a string of matches where it loses more balls than it delivers assists… it makes you wonder.

His career is well established and he has already proven so many things, with or without a title. But for a player who has had so much misfortune and failure in the playoffs, going out in the second round after leading 2-0 would be a further affront. He is currently the only basketball player to have lost 4 series (!!!) after winning the first two matches. Statistic that includes last year’s NBA Finals.

Since the two victories of the Suns, thanks to two performances from the veteran, he has remained in four games in a row at 13 points or less: 12, 5, 7 and 13. With 17 TO for 25 caviars, a good, good, good ratio below its standards. He points to just over 9 points and 6 assists in the last 4 meetings, for 3 defeats for Phoenix.

Maybe he’s getting tired too. He is smaller than his opponents, targeted in defense by Luka Doncic and pressed very high by the Mavericks. And at 37, it leaves its mark. In any case, he will have to get up very seriously during Game 7.

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