Ben Simmons already on the departure of the Nets? A franchise in ambush!

The latest escapades of Ben Simmons have gone badly at the Nets, and could lead the leaders to get rid of him in the event of a satisfactory offer. That’s good, since a rival team from the East would keep an eye on the Australian leader!

If they recruited him last February, it was certainly not to make him the team’s No. 1 supporter on the bench. And yet, the Nets were indeed forced to offer this simple role to Ben Simmons these last weeks. Arrived mentally affected in Brooklyn, the Australian was finally deprived of playing time because of recurring physical problems. And it didn’t really sit well within the franchise.

While he was to make his debut for a Game 4 “win or go home” against the Celtics, Big Ben preferred to forfeit a few hours before the in-between. A choice a priori justified on the medical level, but which was nevertheless reproached to him in such conditions. Therefore, his place in the workforce of Steve Nash finds himself threatened … which would cause some covetousness.

New luck in the East for Ben Simmons?

Forced to undergo a major operation to start the offseason, Simmons should nevertheless be able to hold its rank for the start of the next fiscal year. In the meantime, he could however be the subject of a new transfer which would see him discover a third team in the East. Chris Kirchner from The Athletic indeed reports a possible interest… from the Hawks for the star leader!

I would also keep an eye on Simmons. Several people inside the Hawks franchise wanted Simmons at the trade deadline. The price to get him now wouldn’t be as high as it was then, especially if Brooklyn decides to part with him before he’s even played a game with the Nets.

The Simmons / Trae Young duo has something to make people salivate in Atlanta.

Well equipped in terms of shooters, they who posted the 2nd best 3-point percentage in the league this season (37.4%), the Hawks would undoubtedly win with the arrival of Ben 10. The latter, if he ends up finding his level of yesteryear, could offer a significant defensive contribution, as well as welcome playmaker talents during passages on the Ice Trae bench.

The fit therefore seems ideal for ATL, whose leaders have also already made it clear that they intend to make major changes to their roster this summer. However, would they have the necessary assets to get their hands on their target? Everything will depend on the possible requirements of the Nets. Either way, Simmons is going to have to be ready to repack in the coming weeks!

Ben Simmons and Trae Young reunited at the Hawks? The hypothesis would appeal internally to the Hawks, who would also not have to send an offer as substantial as a few months ago to recruit him. The Nets should therefore have the last word in this matter!



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