Basketball. Men’s Pre-National: Cherbourg keeps the lead, Equeurdreville and Vernon in ambush

Cherbourg remains at the head of the PNM championship. ©Cherbourg BasketBall

After a 3-week truce, the PNM teams met again this Saturday, May 7, for the 11th day of the second phase. Cherbourg has achieved significant success on the floor of Rouen and retains the lead in the championship. Just behind we find the other team from La Manche, Equeurdreville, which won against Union Caen/Hérouville. Alençon was scared but assured against Mesnil Esnard and Vernon won against Oissel and is therefore in second place, tied with UST. In the low pool, Caen Sud took first place alone thanks to its success against Ifs. ASPTT and Ouistreham also won against Saint-Lô and Vire. The Pays d’Auge Basket, meanwhile, obtained a very important success against Bretteville.

Upper Hen:

In high chicken, Cherbourg ends its Haut Normand journey with a great victory on the floor of SPO Rouen, after a great battle between the two teams (64-73). Equeurdreville received Union Caen/Hérouville, and that also ended in a victory for the Manchoise team (85-62). Alençon, traveling to Mesnil Esnard, was scared, but still won with a good performance from the 5th major (64-71). In the last match, Vernon won against Oissel with a score of 76 to 86.

SPO Rouen 2 64 – 73 Cherbourg BasketBall (14-20, 26-19, 10-14, 14-20)

Mohamed Regbaoui (CBB): “It’s a match that will have had the merit of relaunching us completely in competition after this long period of truce. We had to fight for 4 quarters to manage to outsmart an SPO team that showed skill and aggression throughout the game. This victory comes to close in the best way our journey in high Normandy. »

SPO Brand: D. John 19L. Leroy3, *T. Aberrahmane 5, *W. Michel 12, *V. Martin 9, *N. Simon 14, *N. Duprey 2.

Marque CBB : B. Bazabas 4, *J. Giard 11, *T. Bouquet 22, * B. Leyronas 2, G. Glanny 0, * M. Grand Guillot 1, T. Morisse 3, * F. Omont 17, E. Brossard 3, K. Claire 10.

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USTB Equeurdreville 85 – 62 Union Caen/Hérouville (25-16, 16-16, 26-13, 18-17)

Serge Gregorieff (USTBE) : “We expected a difficult match and we got it. Herouville, true to his principles put us under defensive pressure for 40 minutes. We managed an almost perfect start (11-0) and despite a big reaction from the Hérouvillais, we kept this advantage for 25 minutes, before taking a decisive break at the end of the third quarter. It’s a good result after a month’s break. We wanted to be solid defensively and not expose ourselves to 3-point shots. We will have to do just as well and certainly even better to pass the Rouen obstacle next Saturday. »

USTBE brand: M. Neiers 5, Q. Bertrand 4, B. Véron 0, *C. Wittemberg 23, * A. Joly 14, * N. Gréard 7, * H. Lepetit 17, T. Lacombe 7, * B. Gregorieff 0, P. Lerebourg 8.

Brand UCHB: * A. Marguerite 5, S. Wahl NPJ, G. Jonot 4, S. Coulibaly 0, * J. Gnohere 10, YT. Gadegbeku 5, * C. Lenormand 7, *M. Mostel 18, O. Attila 5, * R. Lof 8.

BC Mesnil Esnard Franqueville 64 – 71 USBD Alençon 61 (9-22, 20-17, 13-21, 22-11)

Latifa Rhennam (USBDA): “The job is done!!! A big trip awaits us on Saturday in Cherbourg where we will have to be solid. »

Marque BCMEF : *R. Grandjean 0, F. Durand 11, *Q. Found 0, *J. Basket 2, *L. Khalil 14, *P. Chauvet 22, M. Dodelin 10, E. Olivier 1; V. Ukwuije 4.

USBDA Brand: B. Percher NPJ, T. Le Royer 0, *R. Lavedrine 5, B. Monnier 5, J. Pécourt NPJ, *C. Le Royer 11, E. De Bie 0, * M. Ndiaye 18, * A. Leroy 16, * D. Mpondo 16.

Oissel Basket Seine 76 – 86 SPN Vernon


  1. Cherbourg 9V 2D
  2. Vernon 8V 3D
  3. Equeurdreville 8V 3D
  4. Alençon 7V 4D
  5. Rouen B 5V 6D
  6. Caen-Herouville 3V 8D
  7. Oissel 3V 8D
  8. Mesnil-Esnard 1V 10 D

Next matches (D12)

Saturday May 14:

SPO Rouen 2 – U.S.T.B. Equeurdreville

Oissel Basket Seine – Union Caen/Hérouville

Cherbourg BasketBall – USBD Alençon 61

SPN Vernon – BC Mesnil Esnard Franqueville

Lower Hen

In the low pool, Caen Sud took first place thanks to its big victory against the neighbor ifois, in a very attacking match (98-93). Ouistreham logically won against the Viroise red lantern, which is doing better at the end of the season (69-77). The ASPTT also logically won against a catchy Saint-Lô team (65-51). In the last match, the Pays d’Auge obtained a capital success in the race to maintain against Bretteville sur Odon, in a match of high intensity (63-59).

Caen Sud Basket 98 – 93 CB Ifs (16-29, 28-18, 24-24, 30-22)

Grégory Cadel (CSB) : “Attacking match, with aggression, but above all skill. We got off to a bad start, but we manage to catch up, once again with our desire and our solidarity which saves us. As well as a more substantial bench depth, everyone participated and above all a public on fire. »

Marque CSB : *M. Bosquet 5, *G. Yves 17, S. Norbert 17, P. Knight 8, P. Auchiche 9, A. Demaine 10, *A. Hammon 5, *T. Joly 14, *A. Dezac 7, RE. Nordin 6.

CBI Brand: *L. Cosnefroy 9, H. Moulin 4, *P. Madeleine 21, * V. Szwaja 24, *S. Gilbert 0, *N. Le Roux 18, A. Queval 9, M. Kanouté 6, X. Larose 2.

USM Viroise 69 – 77 AJS Ouistreham (12-23, 11-20, 21-17, 25-17)

Thierry Belin (USMV) : “It took half time, the time for us to find the rhythm after too long a break. And without rhythm, we are clumsy (both on outside and inside shots), we hesitate, we play out of time and we suffer the opposing game. I can also regret the 10-0 conceded just before the break reached with a score of 23 to 43. The second half was much better since we won the last two quarters. The address returns and the defense proves to be more effective. Too bad to have only played half of the match, we can have regrets because there was certainly a blow to play. »

Miguel Callejas (AJSO): “With a group still reduced in number, we knew that this team from Vire had the means to cause us problems, but was also capable of non-match. By offering a zone defense from the second quarter, we were able to make the most of the many balls won on rebounds, by offering a coherent counter-attack and transition game (23-43). The opposing team was able to react in the second half, with an outside address found, but without really worrying us, knowing that we always had several possessions in advance. With this victory, we renew our lease in PNM for next season. »

USMV Brand: N. Kanghal 0, *G. Bouvet 11, A. Tancred 8, *C. Belin 10, * M. Andreu Sabater 14, *J. Beloni 9, L. Page 5, *B. Suffering 12, F. Gourney 0.

AJSO Brand: *J. Furstenberger 5, P. Gautier-Dupuy 11, V. February 0, M. Paingt 2, *T. Samson 10, *M. Boirel 21, *B. plum tree 0, * E. Vrel 28.

ASPTT Caen 2 65 – 51 Saint Lois Stadium (20-10, 10-18, 16-11, 19-12)

Brice Boula (ASPTT): “A match that had to be won to maintain. We started this game very well by taking a lead in the first quarter. A relaxation on our part in the second quarter time, which allows Saint-Lô to reduce the gap. After half-time, we take our distance and we finish the match without being afraid against a diminished Saint-Lô team. But however, they were not unworthy with the team they were able to field. »

Clement Coulont (SSL): “New defeat, but we made the match we had to do with the forces present. We play a lagging match for three quarters. We break the rhythm and disturb the locals in order to stay in their wake. We are at -7 at the start of the fourth. It’s a good situation, but it’s the PTT that starts better the last 10 minutes. A 7-0, the break is made and we only manage to maintain the gap. We can regret approximations in the basics in attack and address but the lack of attendance at training does not allow us to deserve better. There are three games left, we have to fight until the end. »

ASPTT Brand: *s. Cresnel 0, *Y. Dupont 12, L. Lejuez 2, *Y. Montero 0, J-A. Sardin 14, A. Schiebold 12, K. Mohamed-Salim 3, *J. Basnier 7, *K. Laville 13, B. Tual 2.

Marque SSL : *A. Cotigny 7, *B. Mauger 4, *K. Corten 11, *M. Bangoura 5, *F. Helaine-Menard 2, B. Savary 11, GS. Touali 11.

Pays d’Auge Basket 63 – 59 LC Bretteville sur Odon

Victor Trehet (PAB): “P ***** it does good this one! We have very often failed to win in matches like these and tonight we finally managed not to lose! The guys were so valiant and courageous that any result other than a victory would have been unfair… I said before the break that we had our destiny in our hands and tonight it’s even truer! By winning next week in Saint-Lô, we will be maintained. Congratulations to the group for this deserved victory against a great team. »

Maxime Petré (LCBO): “We never knew how to impose a rhythm on the match. The lack of address and the many missed baskets in the racket put us in difficulty. We were never able to defend properly inside. They played while whistling but we don’t know how to whistle. It’s up to us to show another face and congratulations to Pont L’Évêque who won his victory with 7 players. »

Marque PAB: C. Carlier 8; *VS. Riou 3, N. Roney 2, T. Gousset NPJ, A. Rocancourt NPJ, *F. Clermont 22*K. Remy 12, *C. Zywica 11, M. Charpentier NPJ, *G. Legrix 5.

Marque O. Thuleau-Zouania, *M. Weaver 4, G. Launoy 14, *R. Bracket 12, T. Elizabeth 0, T. Robert 9, *A. Dekowski 8, *S. Belliard 8, *B. Eustache 0, F. Tesovic


  1. Caen Sud 8V 3D
  2. ASPTT Caen B 7V 4D
  3. Bretteville-sur-Odon 7V 4D
  4. Ouistreham 7V 4D
  5. Ifs 7V 4D
  6. Bridge L’Eveque 4V 7D
  7. Saint-Lô 3V 8D
  8. Turn 1V 10D

Next matches (D12):

Saturday May 14:

USM Viroise – ASPTT Caen 2

Saint Lois Stadium – Pays d’Auge Basketball

AJS Ouistreham – CB Ifs

LC Bretteville sur Odon – Caen Sud Basket

Top 10 scoreurs :

  1. Emeric Vrel (Ouistreham) : 28 points
  2. Victorien Szwaja (Ifs): 24 points
  3. Cyriack Wittemberg (Equeurdreville) : 23 points
  4. Theo Bouquet (Cherbourg): 22 points
  5. Fabrice Clermont (Pays d’Auge): 22 points
  6. Pierrick Chauvet (Mesnil Esnard): 22 points
  7. Mathieu Boirel (Ouistreham): 21 points
  8. Paul Madeleine (Ifs) : 21 points
  9. Damien Jean (Rouen) : 19 points
  10. Mamadou Ndiaye (Alençon): 18 points
  11. Matis Mostel (Caen/Herouville): 18 points
  12. Nolan Le Roux (Ifs): 18 points

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