Baseball, San Marino: triple challenge to Neptune

It is played at the Steno Borghese on Friday (20.30) and Saturday (15.30 and 20.30)


San Marino Republic
| 15:18 – 26 Maggio 2022


Not a trivial opponent. Not a trivial implant. San Marino Baseball travels to Steno Borghese, where tomorrow (20.30) and Saturday (15.30 and 20.30) will face Nettuno 1945 for the second round with the Poule Scudetto. The hosts will be making their debut, while the Titans are at 1 won and 2 lost after the triptych with Cariparma.

All this a few days after the day dedicated to the friendly match with the national team at the Serravalle stadium.

Doriano Bindi, what kind of appointment was it?

“A beautiful day, good training for both teams and the initiatives that involved the children first on the pitch and then get autographs were also excellent”

Now back to the championship, the opponent is Neptune 1945 …

“Dangerous team that has changed a lot. We know the Italians well but not the whole team as a whole, we will check live. They are certainly important matches even if we are at the beginning, they too have the aim of hitting one of the first two places “

How’s the team doing?

“Well, there are no particular ailments and we are ready to give our best in these three races”

What will the pitcher rotation be?

“Quevedo will start first, then it will be Quattrini’s turn. For the third we will think about it, also evaluating the use of launchers up to there “


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