Baseball, recovery of the last two games of the first phase

The Big Mat Bsc will face the Academy of Nettuno. Sunday 22 May double meeting: 10 am and 3 pm

Grosseto: Everything is ready for the double match on Sunday 22 May against the Academy of Nettuno for the boys of the Big Mat Bsc Grosseto. The matches, one in the morning at 10 and one in the afternoon at 15, will see the red and white involved in the last two matches of the first phase of the season, at the Simone Scarpelli stadium in Grosseto.

“On Sunday we will play to win – explains Marco Artitzu, pitcher of the Big Mat Bsc Grosseto – as is our custom and as we do every time we play. Although the two races against the Academy of Nettuno will be irrelevant for the ranking, we will not spare ourselves and we will once again prove our worth. Physically and morally we are very well, also because so far we have hit the target: to show everyone that despite our young age we play good baseball. The victories against the BBC and against Neptune have shown how we can do well against anyone. Soon the salvation poule will begin, a group more within our reach, with a big team like Macerata: for us this does nothing but increase the incentives to reach salvation as soon as possible and then possibly also think about the Italian Cup “.

Tickets for the matches can be purchased directly on Sunday at the Simone Scarpelli stadium ticket office, at a cost of five euros, while admission for under 14 will be free. Fans will be able to use the parking lot next to the stadium or nearby parking lots.

Finally, the calendar of the second phase of the season, the salvation poule, has already been announced. The Big Mat Bsc Grosseto will be called to challenge again the Academy of Nettuno and the Hotsand Macerata, the news will be Torre Pedrera Falcons and Longbridge Bologna. The latter, finally, will be the first formation that the Capuchin manager’s boys will face on Sunday 29 May.

Photo by Carlo Marcoaldi


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