Badminton: Fossombroni reaches the national final phase

Grosseto: Another undertaking by the Fossombroni badminton girls.

After winning the title of regional champion, the Grosseto team led by teacher Stefano Rosini obtained the pass to access the final phase at national level, scheduled for tomorrow in Folgaria, in the province of Trento. Today, in fact, the girls included in the student category have passed both the preliminary round and the round of the round of 16.

The team, made up of Benedetta Bartolini, Clara Nunziatini, Valentina and Veronica Rolando, he showed great stubbornness and ability to react even in the most complicated moments. In the elimination round, the Fossombroni team overtook the representative of Friuli Venezia Giulia with a clear 5-0, then losing 3-2 in the last set of the last match with the selection of Sardinia. The second place in the group still earned him access to the knockout rounds. In the second round, Fossombroni beat the champion school of Basilicata with a score of 4-1. Tomorrow the final act of the event, with the Fossombroni girls who will restart from the quarter-finals.


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