Archery: the Paralympic Mijno in the ‘normo’ national team

Elisabetta will be among the 12 blue archers who will shoot in Germany in the continental review. The only one preceding the Fantato at the 1996 Games

The European Archery Championships are scheduled from 6 to 12 June in Munich (Germany) which will be preceded on Sunday 5 June by the World Archery Europe elective Congress which will see Mario Scarzella, President Fitarco, run for president for the third mandate. Italy will participate in the continental review with twelve archers between the Olympic and compound divisions. The appointment has a historical value because it marks the first away match with the “normo” national team for the Paralympic champion Elisabetta Mijno who sees the excellent results obtained in recent months rewarded. Before her, in the Olympic division, only the great Paola Fantato had succeeded in this feat, even going so far as to be the owner in Atlanta ’96 at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition to Elisabetta Mijno, Lucilla Boari, Tatiana Andreoli, Mauro Nespoli, Alessandro Paoli and Federico Musolesi will also be the owners in the recurvo in Monaco; in the compound space for Marco Bruno, Valerio Della Stua, Elisa Fregnan, Marcella Tonioli, Elisa Roner and Sara Ret.



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