After extension, Aguada beat Goes and qualified for the semifinals of the Uruguayan Basketball League

Aguada beat Goes 96-94 in a great match that closed the Uruguayan Basketball League (LUB) quarterfinal playoff series at Palacio Peñarol and the rojiverdes qualified for the semifinals after winning 3-2 in the series.

The quarterfinals of the LUB were resolved with the maximum number of matches because the four keys went to their fifth match and the eight best in the Uruguayan League starred in 20 high-level games.

The semifinals will begin on Monday with Aguada-Peñarol. At the other intersection they will face Trouville-Biguá. The two series are defined as the best of five games.

The first quarter took Aguada 19-14.

The second period was won Gouache 34-33.

The third quarter also had him up Gouache 54-50.

At the end of 40 minutes, they called at 82 and went to overtime.

The closing of regulation time had a heart-stopping definition of a movie, because the last minute had everything, in a Palacio Peñarol that looked packed.

When the match was ending, Goes lost two offensives and the scoreboard got out of hand, which resolved his last defenses very well and was successful in attack.

Aguada went 82-79 with 19 seconds to go, after two free kicks made by García Morales.

With 8″9 to play, Joaquín Osimani converted a triple that allowed him to level the match at 82.

However, the rojiverdes had the option to close the game on the last play, which García Morales missed, and on the rebound the emotions came to an extreme point again when Joaquín Osimani shot from his court and his shot hit the board, in the hoop and out.

So they went to extension, with Goes without one of his figures, Martín Osimani, who at the end of the game committed his fifth foul. The point guard contributed four points, took eight rebounds and four assists. Then, in overtime, the Plaza de las Misiones also lost to Colmenares, who left with 18 rebounds and 11 points.

At the close of extra time, with a triple by García Morales with 22 seconds remaining, Aguada distanced himself 95-91.

With five seconds to play, after two unsuccessful attacks on the rim, Giorgetti scored a triple and put the Aguada score 95-94.

Thornton was fouled out, missed a free kick and scored one. Gouache 96-94.

In the last play, with the excitement of the review because Goes’s coach asked the judges to go see García Morales’ last defense against Sosa on television, the point guard failed again in his attack on the rim and the rojiverdes were left with the triumph.

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