After an incident with Interior in the Champion of the Century, fans of Peñarol showed photos of the disappeared in the Palace

The third semifinal of the Uruguayan Basketball League that Peñarol and Aguada played this Tuesday at the Peñarol Palace, with aurinegra swept 3-0, had a different moment at halftime when in the swollen mirasol hundreds of photos of the disappeared in the dictatorship were raised.

At halftime in the match, the partial Mirasoles raised large-size photos with the faces of the disappeared in black and white.

Besides, a banner was seen with the legend “Gavazzo and Cordero out of our club”, signed by the “fan with memory”in reference to the repressors of the dictatorship José “Nino” Gavazzo and Manuel Cordero, for whom the fans had asked that they be removed from the institution’s social registry.

Demonstration of Peñarol fans at the Peñarol Palace for those who disappeared during the dictatorship

This issue was discussed at the Aurinegro Board of Directors in 2021, when it was approved that the club can expel members convicted of serious crimes.

In that same year, Gavazzo died in June.

The demonstration of the aurinegros this Tuesday was held after it became known that last week, within the framework of the tributes for the March of Silence that is celebrated every May 20, the Peñarol-Boston River party was not allowed to enter in the Champion of the Century Stadium, by parts of police cash, partial with insignia that remembered the disappeared.

That led to a complaint from Peñarol before the Ministry of the Interior, which led to an apology from said portfolio to the aurinegro club.


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