“A tutto sport”, the final event of sport at school at the “S. Vito” Primary School in Belvedere Borgo Muzio

RECANATI – In the afternoon of 25 May, the pupils of the San Vito Primary School plexus ventured into the final essay for the s. 2021/2022, focused on sport at school, making his debut singing the Italian anthem.

Supported and applauded by a large audience of parents, who attended the Belvedere Borgo Muzio, the little sportsmen had the opportunity to compare themselves in various sports.

The final event was the synthesis of an entire school year in which the pupils approached the various sports disciplines thanks to the contribution of expert professionals in the “Scuola Attiva Kids” and “A tutto sport” projects. & inclusion “.

All this, to underline how important sport is at school for a harmonious psycho-physical growth and how it manages to overcome barriers and diversity, cementing collaboration and integration between children.

In this energetic afternoon the students demonstrated: Hockey, under the expert and long-standing and consolidated guidance of Stefano Muscella, sports director of the ASD Hockey Potenza Picena and Tutor of the “Scuola AttivaKids” project for the Badaloni Comprehensive Institute; Judo with master Mario Mengascini and Francesca Camilletti, 2nd Dan black belt, ASD KodoKan Judo Recanati; for tennis the masters Edoardo Castagna and Alessio Pasquini of the “F. Guzzini ”of Recanati.

All participants will receive, at the end of the school year, a certificate confirming their commitment, with the hope of being able to continue this collaboration and rewarding experience.20220526 192026

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