80-70 win | A more than successful first for the Alliance

An electrifying atmosphere. A frenzied crowd. And an 80-70 victory. The first game in the history of the Montreal Alliance at home could not have gone better on Sunday.

Posted at 6:20 p.m.

Katherine Harvey-Pinard

Katherine Harvey-Pinard
The Press

Led by an absolutely sparkling Dominic Green with 36 points, Vincent Lavandier’s men showed the Scarborough Shooting Stars, the 3,500 fans present at the Verdun Auditorium and an attentive Chris Boucher on the sidelines, what wood they were made of. were warming up.

The Alliance had released the big eraser for the pregame. The players, introduced one by one by the house announcer, arrived on the field in a cloud of smoke. The enthusiastic crowd gave them a welcome worthy of a full house. And she didn’t die out during the game. You should have seen the reaction of the fans when Dominic Green made his first three-point shot.

photo philippe boivin, the press

The Alliance, more aggressive offensively and more effective defensively than in their first game, was trailing 45-37 at halftime. Like Wednesday, she came back stronger after halftime.

To the sound of the crowd’s shattering “defense” that echoed in the Auditorium, the Lavandier crowd came back from behind at the start of the third quarter with six unanswered two-point successes. So she was leading 49-47 after five minutes of play.

She played the rest of the match with an energy to break everything to win 80-70 to the sound of “Ahoy ahoy ahoy”.


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