Yankees and MLB defend against revealed letter

The New York Yankees, led by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, remain adamant that they did not steal signs.

The New York Yankees join the list that are designated as sign thieves, however, they claim that many teams did the same as them.

MLB and Yankees response:

“The content and details of Commissioner Manfred’s letter to Brian Cashman have been widely reported since 2017. As the facts of the letter again show, the Yankees were not penalized for stealing signs, but they were penalized for improper use of the telephone in the replay room (which would only be used for replay review challenge discussions). At the time, sign stealing was used as a competitive tool by numerous teams throughout Major League Baseball and only became illegal after the Commissioner specifically outlined the rules. on September 15, 2017. Applications “The Yankees were also vindicated by Major League Baseball regarding claims that the team used YES Network resources in an effort to gain an illegal advantage during games. Those accusations were considered to have no merit. “The Yankees vigorously fought the production of this letter, not only because of the legal principle involved, but to prevent the incorrect equating of events that occurred before the Commissioner’s establishment of the sign-stealing rules with those that occurred after. What should be done? This much is abundantly clear: The fine outlined in Major League Baseball’s letter was imposed before the new MLB rules and standards were issued. infractions or violations”


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